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1835814569H L EdlinWoodland crafts in Britain : an account of the traditional uses of trees and timbers in the British countryside1973E/33.1Edlin,
1835914577Alan CoxSurvey of Bedfordshire : brickmaking : a history and gazetteer1979B/05.3Cox, A
1836014570Harry Batsford and Charles FryThe English cottage1938B/22Batsfo
1836114548Clement W BendingLife in medieval England1974E/72Bendin
1836214560Cecil A HewettEnglish historic carpentry1980B/05.2Hewett
1836314757National Maritime MuseumThe building and trials of the replica of an ancient boat : the Gokstad Faering Part 1 Building the replica1974E/35.3Nation
1836414566Olive CookEnglish cottages and farmhouses1982B/22Cook,
1836514568W L GoodmanThe history of woodworking tools1964E/33.22Goodma
1836714567Alec Clifton-Taylor and A S IresonEnglish stone building1983B/05.4Clifto
1836814564R W BrunskillTimber building in Britain1985B/05.2Brunsk
1836914758National Maritime MuseumThe building and trials of a replica of an ancient boat : the Gokstad Faering: Part II The sea trials1974E/35.3Nation
1837014759National Maritime MuseumThe boats of men of war1974E/35.3Mariti
1837114760National Maritime MuseumThe Elizabethan navy and the Armada of Spain1975E/65.5Nation
1837214555Norman H NailThe brick, tile, stone and slate taxes of the late 18th and early 19th centuries1981B/01.6Nail,
1837314754compiled by Bernard JohnsonWindow glass1979B/07.2Johnso
1846714765W L GoodmanBritish planemakers from 17001978E/33.22Goodma
1846814767Alvin SellensWoodworking planes : a descriptive register of wooden planes1978E/33.27Sellen
18469Ref - 9518Christine HallasSupply responsiveness in dairy farming : some regional considerations / The Agricultural History Review, 39 Part I1991E/17.32
18470Ref - 9518Graham Cox, Philip Lowe and Michael WinterThe origins and early development of the National Farmers' Union / The Agricultural History Review, 39 Part I1991E/66.6
18471Ref - 9519Christopher CurrieThe early history of the carp and its economic significance in England / The Agricultural History Review, 39 Part II1991E/16.4
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