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18036Ref - 2651Civic Trust NewsCrumbling buildings : Councils must take action / The Civic Trust News, 691978B/09
18037Ref - 1391Restoring mills : both wind and water / The Civic Trust News, No.681978B/24.2
18039Ref - 2649Keep it up : a guide for local amenity societies and related organisations dealing with applications to demolish listed buildings / The Civic Trust News, November/December1977E/16.6
1804114480Sabin and Maria SainelicZona etnografia Chioar [The ethnographic zone of Chioar]1986E/15Overse
180422450Nicolae Ungureanu et alMuseums of ethnographic-sociological nature in Romania1971M/01Romani
1804314486Zdena Caplovicova et alMuzeum Oravskej Dediny ; sprievodca po expozicii [Museum of the Orava Village : a guide]1990M/08Slovak
1804414483SlovakiaZbornik - slovenskeho Narodneho Muzea1986M/08Slovak
1804514484Stefan Holcik et alSlovenske Narodne Muzeum [Slovenian National Museum]1989M/08Sloven
1804614481Torben Grongaard JeppesenFynske Minder1982E/17.1Sweden
1804714482Torben Grongaard JeppesenFynske Minder1983E/17.1Sweden
1804811859SwedenFynske Minder1987E/17.1Sweden
18049Ref - 9712Conservation Bulletin Index nos 1-30 and supplements (1987-1996) / Conservation Bulletin1997B/09
18050Ref - 9731Robert Chitham14-15 King Street, Ludlow, Shropshire / Conservation Bulletin, 41988B/09
18051Ref - 9730Brian AnthonyWhat is curtilage? / Conservation Bulletin, 51988B/08
18052Ref - 9728Jill KerrArchaeological recording of historic buildings / Conservation Bulletin, 71989B/03.1
18053Ref - 9732John AshurstTilestones / Conservation Bulletin, 31987B/04.74
18054Ref - 9727Geoff NobleBarns and walls in the Yorkshire Dales / Conservation Bulletin, 81989B/23
18055Ref - 9726Principles of repair / Conservation Bulletin, 91989B/10
18056Ref - 9725Nigel CroweHistoric architecture on England's waterways / Conservation Bulletin, 101990B/21.8
18057Ref - 9724The conversion of historic farm buildings : an English Heritage statement / Conservation Bulletin, 111990B/09
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