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17877Ref - 10403Alan CoxA vital component : stock bricks in Georgian London / Journal of the Construction History Group, 131997B/04.3
17878Ref - 10401E W CooneyEighteenth century Britain's missing sawmills : a return visit / Journal of the Construction History Group, 141998B/24.2
17879Ref - 14416M H GouldA historical perspective on the Belfast truss roof / Journal of the Construction History Group, 172001B/05.61
1788014522James AyresDomestic interiors : the British tradition 1500-18502003B/06Ayres,
1788114464Museumsverband des Landes BrandenburgRevolution von Oben-die Preussischer Agrarreformen (Revolution from above - Agrarian Reform in Prussia)2001E/17.1Museum
1788214462Volker JankeBauern- und Krautergarten in Mecklenburg [The herb garden in the Open Air Museum at Schwerin-Muess]1993M/08German
1788314474edited by Alfred BartlObstbau im Bergischen Land : development of fruit cultivation in BergischLand, Germany : ecological seminars1997E/17.45Bergis
1788414485Claus AhrensWiederaufgebaute Vorzeit [Rebuilding the past] : Archaeologische Freilichtmuseeen in Europa [Archaeological open air Museums in Europe]1990M/01.1Ahrens
1788814488Viktor H PoettlerBauerliche Fahrzeuge und Arbeitsgeraete [Farm Vehicles and Equipment]1997E/17.8Poettl
1788914523Stefan BaumeierWestfaelische Bauernhauser : vor Bagger und raupe gerettet ( Westfalian Farmhouses - rescued from the excavator and bulldozer)1983B/23Baumei
178907983B Schmidt, H Koehren-Jansen and K FreckmannKleine Hausgeschichte der Mosellandschaft [small houses in the Moselle Area]1990B/01.3Schmid
17894Ref - 7507John FidlerArchitectural salvage : right or wrong? / Context, 241989B/09
17895Ref - 7507John PrestonThe Ely experience / Context, 241989B/09
17896Ref - 7507Norman SmithHumber origins / Context, 241989B/09
17897Ref - 10138Ann Rostren et alHistoric paints and decorative finishes / Context, 401993B/10.1
17898Ref - 10138Chris Godfrey and John Preston, and Elphin WatkinPeg tile revival in Cambridgeshire and shingles in Britain / Context, 401993B/10.3
17899Ref - 10139Robert Demaus, Chris Cullen and othersNew technology for conservation / Context, 491996B/10
17900Ref - 10139Peter HoodCold comfort for lime in winter / Context, 491996B/10
17901Ref - 10139Bob NotherLooking after earth buildings / Context, 491996B/04.5
17902Ref - 10139Brian Morton"Supporting Columns" : alternative ways of repairing old walls / Context, 491996B/10.4
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