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13666935Anthony BertramThe house : a summary of the art and science of domestic architecture : 2nd ed1945B/22Bertra
13674830Berwick PCCSt. Michael & All Angels, BerwickB/26Berwic
13697743Pauline BeswickBishops' House1976B/22North
1370Ref - 7429M SotonEnglish china & Parian ware / Harmsworth Self-Educator V71907E/01
1371Ref - 175R J SpainWhite Mill, Sturry / Fordwich : the lost port1975B/24.3
1372Ref - 175Margaret SparksFordwich Church / Fordwich the Lost Port1975B/26
1373Ref - 15646D F StenningTimber-framed shops 1300-1600 : comparative plans / Understanding Timber Framed Buildings1990B/05.2
1376Ref - 3808Tim Tatton-BrownThe towns of Kent / Anglo-Saxon Towns in Southern England1984E/15
1378Ref - 4932Tim Tatton-BrownConduit House, Military Road / 6th Annual Report 1981-821982B/08.7
1379Ref - 15J Tavenor-PerrySaxon architecture / Memorials of old Sussex1909B/26
1380Ref - 15J Tavenor-PerryThe castles of Sussex with particular reference to Bodiam / Memorials of old Sussex1909B/27
1381Ref - 326H M TaylorTenth-century church building in England & on the Continent / Tenth Century Studies : Essays in commemoration of Millenium of Council of Winchester1975E/65.3
1384Ref - 5016S M TibbottOil cooking stoves / Medel1985E/33.0
1385Ref - 5016S M TibbottGenuine Caerphilly cheese / Medel1985E/33.0
1386Ref - 7425G TournierArchitectural design 2 / Harmsworth Self-Educator V31906E/01
1387Ref - 7425G TournierArchitectural design 1 / Harmsworth Self-Educator V31906E/01
1389Ref - 2809R F TylecoteThe medieval smith and his methods / Medieval Industry1981E/33.32
1392Ref - 6925B WalkerSome regional variations in building techniques in Angus, Fife & Perthshire / Building Construction in Scotland : Some Historical & Regional Aspects1976B/05.0
1393Ref - 7687J Warren, M HallamAnglo-Norman : crown strut & crown post roofs / Wealden Buildings1990B/01.3
1394Ref - 2619D M WatermanSome Irish seventeenth-century houses and their architectural ancestry / Studies in Building History1961B/22
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