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1277113451C R Bristow and A A MorterField meeting : a traverse of the Weald, 6th June, 1982 / The Proceedings of the Geological Association, 94 (4)1983E/04.1Bristo
1277313453Bernard WorssamRegional geology / Corpus of Anglo Stone Sculpture Volume 1V : South East England1995E/04.1Worssa
1277513455Lead Development AssociationLead : a general introduction?B/05.9Lead D
1277613456Lead Development AssociationLead and our environment?B/05.9Lead D
1277713457Lead Development AssociationTechnical notes on lead : production, properties and usage1992B/05.9Lead D
1277813458Thomas KellyPlumbery or plumbing / Practical Masonry, Bricklaying and Plastering for the use of workmen1851B/05.9Kelly,
1277913459J Wright ClarkeFitting up a plumbers' shop / Plumbers' tools for "inside" work / Modern Plumbing Practice Volume 11914E/37.2Clarke
1278013460W McKayMasonry / Building Construction Volume Two1944B/05.4McKay,
1278113461Thomas KellyValuation of masons' work; An explanation of terms, and description of tools, used in masonry / Practical Masonry, Bricklaying and Plastering for the use of workmen1851B/05.4Kelly,
1278213462John NorwoodThe stonemason / Craftsmen At Work1977B/05.4Norwoo
1278413464J E MannersStone; stone roofs / Country Crafts Today1974B/05.4Manner
1278513465Geraint JenkinsThe stone mason / Traditional Country Craftsmen1965B/05.4Jenkin
1278613466Patricia BasingBuilding and allied trades : masonry / Trades and Crafts in Medieval Manuscripts1990B/05.4Basing
1278813468Charles F MitchellMasonry / Building Construction and Drawing Part I Elimentary Course1934B/05.4Mitche
1278913469David ParsonsStone / English Medieval Industries1991B/05.4Parson
1279013470T W T Tatton-BrownBuilding stone in Canterbury : c.1070-1525 / Stone Quarrying and Building in England AD 43 - 15251990B/05.4Tatton
1279113471Marshall Cavendish LtdThe stone mason / Traditional British Crafts1989B/05.4Marsha
127935175Doris SchmidtMuseums and the Press : a German view / The International Journal of Museum Management and Curatorship, 41985M/09Schmid
1279413473Joseph Rykwert with reply from Simon JenkinsA continent as a museum : is mass tourism becoming a threat to high culture and its conservation? / Times Literary Supplement, December1989M/01Rykwer
1279513474Terry StevensVisitors - who cares? The welcome approach / Environmental Interpretation, July1987M/01Steven
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