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1263Ref - 7074The Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of EnglandThe medieval houses of rural Kent / A Celebration of Kent's Architectural Heritage1989B/22
1264Ref - 2619I A RichmondRoman timber building / Studies in Building History1961B/04.2
1265Ref - 7187S E RigoldThe distribution of the 'Wealden House' / Culture & Environment : Essays in Honour of Sir Cyril Fox1963B/22
1266Ref - 175S E RigoldThe town hall / Fordwich : the lost port1975B/25
1267Ref - 5026Mark RobertsExcavations at Amey's Eartham Pit, Boxgrove / Professional Archaeology in Sussex : the Next 5 Years1985E/61.0
1268Ref - 7424H RobinsonUses of reinforced concrete / Harmsworth Self-Educator V21906E/01
1269Ref - 7429H RobsonNature & uses of coal-tar dyes / Harmsworth Self-Educator V71907E/01
1270Ref - 7430Herbert RobsonInsoluble colours / Harmsworth Self-Educator V81907E/33.51
1271Ref - 7429H RobsonMordants & other chemicals / Harmsworth Self-Educator V71907E/01
1272Ref - 7430Herbert RobsonDyeing mixtures / Harmsworth Self-Educator V81907E/33.5
1273Ref - 7429H RobsonNatural dyestuffs / Harmsworth Self-Educator V71907E/01
1274Ref - 7429H RobsonTextile dyeing / Harmsworth Self-Educator V71907E/01
1277Ref - 2809M L RyderBritish medieval sheep and their wool types / Medieval Industry1981E/17.33
1278Ref - 5026Robert G ScaifeEnvironmental studies II : palynology in Sussex / Professional Archaeology in Sussex : the Next 5 Years1985E/61.0
1279Ref - 15Philip SidneyHistoric houses / Memorials of old Sussex1909B/22
1280Ref - 2619W Douglas SimpsonThe tower-houses of Scotland / Studies in Building History1961B/22
1281Ref - 7428R E SmithSlate & tile work / Harmsworth Self-Educator V61907E/01
1282Ref - 7428R E SmithFire-resisting construction / Harmsworth Self-Educator V61907E/01
1283Ref - 7425R E SmithConstructing brick walls / Harmsworth Self-Educator V31906E/01
1284Ref - 7426R E SmithArches, vaults & domes / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
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