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115928889J A HanleyMinistry of Agriculture and Fisheries bulletin No.3 : the improvement of grassland1937E/17.37Hanley
115938892Min of Ag & FishMinistry of Agriculture & Fisheries bulletin No 30 : rats : and how to exterminate them : with a note on grey squirrels1939E/17.6Min of
115948890W R ThompsonMinistry of Agriculture & Fisheries bulletin No 20 : some beneficial insects1939E/17.6Thomps
115958893A T R MattickMinistry of Agriculture & Fisheries bulletin No. 31 : the handling of milk & milk products1938E/17.30Mattic
115968894Min of Ag & FishMinistry of Agriculture & Fisheries bulletin No.32 : pig keeping1939E/17.34Min of
115978895Min of Ag & FishMinistry of Agriculture & Fisheries bulletin No 52 : modern milk production1938E/17.3Min of
115988897C CulpinFarm machinery1938E/17.7Culpin
115998898Edward H Faulkner with a foreword by S Graham Brade-BirksPloughman's folly1946E/17.38Faulkn
116008899Advisory Dept. Silcock & SonsThe dairy cow1938E/17.32Silcoc
116018900R George Stapledon & William DaviesLey farming1941E/17.37Staple
116028901edited by H J MassinghamThe small farmer : a survey by various hands1947E/17.3Massin
116038902Edwin Gunn and edited by H C LongFarm buildings, new & adapted : a guide for farmers, land agents & architects1935B/23Gunn,
116048904Staff, ISchool of Agriculture dairy bulletin No 1, serial 1844 . Ed. 1 : feeding standards1932E/17.32Staff,
116058906The Advisory Department, R Silcock & Sons Ltd, LiverpoolNotes for pig keepers No.2 : worms in pigsE/17.34Silcoc
116068907Rural Housing Sub-CommitteeRural housing : third report of the Rural Housing Sub-Committee of the Central Housing Advisory Committee1944B/01.6Rural
116088910edited by Violet StevensonA modern herbal : how to grow, cook & use herbs1974E/72Steven
116098911Martyn Hepworth & A E MarshallLodsworth : the story of an English village1995E/15Sussex
116108912J R Armstrong edited by Richard Pailthorpe and Diana ZeunerA history of Sussex1995E/65.0Armstr
116118913Robin A E WaltonOasts in Kent : 16th to 20th century : their construction and equipment1985B/23.5Walton
116128914prepared under the joint auspices of the International Labiour Office and the United Nations Industrial DevelopmentSmall scale brickmaking1984B/05.73Intern
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