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1180Ref - 7426J LongSelling & feeding livestock / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
1181Ref - 7426J LongStock foods for cattle / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
1182Ref - 7427J LongDairy cattle / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
1183Ref - 7427J LongDairy farming / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
1184Ref - 7424J LongCultivation of land for cereals / Harmsworth Self-Educator V21906E/01
1185Ref - 7428H C LongGrowing trees for timber / Harmsworth Self-Educator V61907E/01
1186Ref - 7423J LongCultivation of the soil / Harmsworth Self-Educator V11906E/01
1187Ref - 7425J LongDiseases of livestock / Harmsworth Self-Educator V31906E/01
1188Ref - 7427J LongMilk & its products / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
1190Ref - 15William MartinThe downland / Memorials of old Sussex1909E/15
1191Ref - 7687D & B MartinFarm buildings in the eastern High Weald / Wealden Buildings1990B/01.3
1192Ref - 7074Elizabeth MellingSome documentary sources for the history of houses in Kent / A Celebration of Kent's Architectural Heritage1989E/64
1193Ref - 1520John Stuart MillAccount of a tour in Sussex in July 1827 / Worthing Parade Number One1951E/15
1195Ref - 3808Julian MunbySaxon Chichester and its predecessors / Anglo-Saxon Towns in Southern England1984E/15
1196Ref - 15Percy D MundySome notes on monastic remains / Memorials of old Sussex1909B/26
1197Ref - 15Percy D MundyCountry life in the past / Memorials of old Sussex1909E/66.0
1198Ref - 7428W S MurphyHarness materials / Harmsworth Self-Educator V61907E/01
1199Ref - 7427W S MurphyMaking boots & shoes / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
1200Ref - 7428W S MurphyThe hosiery industry / Harmsworth Self-Educator V61907E/01
1201Ref - 7427W S MurphyThe shoemaker at his last / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
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