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11248Ref - 3062Emlyn G ThomasPauper migration to Worth / West Sussex History, 131979E/66.0
11249Ref - 3071Marjorie MorrisTwenty years of town planning in the days of George III / West Sussex History, 221982E/66
11250Ref - 7594Sheila HainesWith flags and bugles farewell! / The Petworth Society Magazine, 611990E/66.8
11252P MuskettA case of rough justice / Sussex History, 2 N24 p51987E/66.9
11253P MuskettThe Hastings Pirates : a cautionary tale / Sussex History, 2 N26 p171988E/66.9
11254Ref - 3446Emlyn ThomasAspects of Chichester life : Part I : wartime Chichester :1803-1805 / West Sussex History, 251983E/66
11255Ref - 3446Eleanor PritchardThe daughters of Cobden. Part I / West Sussex History, 251983E/66
11256G AitchisonChildren's graves / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N6 p1881933E/71.1
11257E G HoperSuperstition / Sussex Notes and Queries, 7 N7 p2181939E/71.1
11258Ref - 560Frederick Ernest SawyerSussex folk-lore and customs connected with the seasons / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XXXIII1883E/71.2
11259Ref - 1836W W GranthamStoolball / Sussex Notes and Queries, 1 N21926E/71.3
11260Ref - 10018A F GravesSheep shearers' customs / Sussex Notes and Queries, II : 11928E/71.4
11261J RockOld Sussex harvest customs in use at Hastings / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 14 p1861862E/71.4
11262Ref - 10018K H MacdermottHop tallies / Sussex Notes and Queries, II : 11928E/17.48
11263G P ElphickSussex bell frames / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 84 p331945B/26
11264M WrightChurch pew controversies / West Sussex History, 18 p51981E/71.5
11265Ref - 7944James E EtheringtonThe community origin of the Lewes Guy Fawkes night celebrations / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1281990E/71.5
11266Some Ebernoe apples : a seasonal theme / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 46 p71986E/71.5
11267B SpenceThe Sussex Cokelers / West Sussex History, 12 p31979E/71.5
11268Ref - 12001J B & David GPetworth Fair in the 1930s & early 1960s / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 461986E/71.5
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