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11437Ref - 19907A L CroweSamuel Vassall and the West Surrey wool industry / Surrey History, I : 11973E/33.51
11438Ref - 16704Glenys CrockerThe Godalming framework knitting industry / Surrey History, IV : 11990E/33.51
11439L GrossetHistory in Long Garden Walk / Farnham & District Museum Society Newsletter, 5 N7 p1301979E/33.53
11440Alan CrockerWatermarks in Surrey hand-made paper / Surrey History, 3 N1 p21984/5E/33.54
11441S FrereA Medieval pottery at Ashtead / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 47 p581941E/33.7
11445Ref - 6652Philip BrooksClay based industry in medieval Farnham : pottery / Farnham & District Museum Society Newsletter, 7 : 91986E/33.7
11446G M A BeckOgniabene Luteri : a Surrey glassmaker / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 52 p891952E/33.8
11448S FestingEngland's oldest glassworks / Surrey Life, 2 N7 p631973E/33.8
11449Ref - 9435Clare RobinsonWhat put Chiddingfold on the map? / Surrey History, 1 No21974E/33.8
11450Ref - 6639Leni Grosset"These Blessed Candles of the Night" : candle making in Farnham / Farnham & District Museum Society Newsletter, 6 : 81982E/33.90
11451P N J HavinsOne of the dirtiest counties / Surrey Life, 3 N5 p211974E/35.1
11455L GrahamCroydon's lost canal / Surrey - The County Magazine, 12 N3 p921981E/35.2
11456S E WinboltAlfoldean bridge / Sussex Notes and Queries, 7 N5 p1461939E/35.5
11457A G PartonThe Blechingley Tunnel & the men who built it 1840-42 / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 72 p2211980E/35.5
11458Ref - 9441Paul W SowanThe construction of the Blechingley Tunnel, 1840-42 / Surrey History, II No31981/82E/35.5
11459H J M Stratton, B F J PardoeThe history of Chertsey Bridge / Surrey Archaeological Collections, 73 p1151982E/35.5
11460Ref - 9442C G MilehamThe accident at Broadmead bridge / Surrey History, 2 : 41982/3E/35.5
11462J C Marsh-EdwardsThe Caterham railway / Surrey Life, 3 N9 p191974E/35.8
11463D W WarnerThe early history of gunpowder manufacture at Chilworth / Surrey History, 1 N3 p951975E/36.0
11464Ref - 9437D W WarnerThe great explosion and the later history of the Chilworth Gunpowder Mills / Surrey History, 1 : 41976B/24.1
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