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10993The old Norfolk Bridge, Shoreham / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N7 p4671938E/35.8
10994The Old Bridge, Shoreham / Sussex County Magazine, 22 N1 p111948E/35.8
10995Picture of Stedham bridge / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N7 p4061935E/35.8
10996The old bridge, Stedham / Sussex County Magazine, 28 N10 p4891954E/35.8
10997Stopham bridge / Sussex County Magazine, 28 N10 p4871954E/35.8
10998Picture of Stopham bridge / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N4 p2091935E/35.8
10999Stopham bridge / Sussex County Magazine, 10 N8 p5271936E/35.8
11000Stopham bridge / Sussex County Magazine, 17 N8 p2221943E/35.8
11001Stopham bridge / Sussex County Magazine, 21 N1 p171947E/35.8
11002Ref - 333R C ChandlerTrotton bridge / Sussex County Magazine, IX N41935E/35.8
11003Ref - 528Mark Antony LowerSupplementary notices of the iron works in the county of Sussex / Sussex Archaeological Collections, III1850E/36.1
11004M A LowerSussex iron works and iron masters / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 18 p101866E/36.1
11005J L ParsonsThe Sussex Iron Works / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 32 p191882E/36.1
11006Forgotten smelting sites in East Sussex / Sussex Notes and Queries, 1 N7 p2241927E/36.1
11007G H KenyonWealden iron / Sussex Notes and Queries, 13 N15-16 p3211953E/36.1
11008Ref - 444M BatchelorIron founders of the Sussex Weald / Sussex Life, 3 N9 p521967E/36.1
11009Ref - 7684K F AscottSussex iron industry / Sussex Life, 7 N1 p481971E/36.1
11010A NesbittAshburnham iron works (Note) / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 33 p2671883E/36.1
11011B H LucasThe Bynes Farm Romano British bloomery / Sussex Notes and Queries, 13 N1 p161950E/36.1
11012Romano-British bloomery at Rotherfield / Sussex Notes and Queries, 14 N15-16 p2781957E/36.1
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