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10907W H GodfreySt Marys and Priory Cottage Bramber / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 86 p1021947E/35.5
10908Ref - 665E W HoldenNew evidence relating to Bramber bridge / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1131975E/35.5
10909G D JohnstonSquitry bridge / Sussex Notes and Queries, 17 N5 p1611970E/35.5
10910G D JohnstonFittleworth bridge / Sussex Notes and Queries, 17 N1 p11968E/35.5
10911E L BottingOld Bridge, Brewhurst / Sussex Notes and Queries, 10 N7 p1621945E/35.5
10912G D JohnstonWoolmers bridge / Sussex Notes and Queries, 17 N4 p1271969E/35.5
10913Ref - 427Stopham bridge / Sussex Life, 2 N7 p411966E/35.5
10915G D JohnstonNew Bridge, Wisborough Green / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N8 p2251933E/35.5
10916Ref - 137A Hadrian AllcroftWaters of Arun. Chapter I : the ford at North Stoke / Sussex County Magazine, IV No.21930E/35.6
10917Ref - 137A Hadrian AllcroftWaters of Arun. Chapter II : The Wild Brooks / Sussex County Magazine, IV No.31930E/35.6
10918A Bygone bargeway / Sussex County Magazine, 8 N4 p2331934E/35.6
10919Ref - 333Roger R SellmanThe waterways of Sussex. III : The Grand Southern Canal / Sussex County Magazine, IX N31935E/35.6
10920Ref - 333Roger R SellmanThe waterways of Sussex. II : the second phase: the canals and through communication / Sussex County Magazine, IX N21935E/35.6
10921Ref - 333Roger R SellmanThe waterways of Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, IX N11935E/35.6
10922The waterways of Sussex. IV : the waterways at their prime / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N4 p2121935E/35.6
10923The waterways of Sussex. V : the waterways in decline & at the present day / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N5 p3021935E/35.6
10924Branches and bridges of the Arun. II : the Arun through Horsham / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N6 p3751937E/35.6
10925Branches and bridges of Arun. VI The high stream to the sea / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N10 p6491937E/35.6
10926Branches and bridges of Arun. IV : the Hindhead and Haslemere sources / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N8 p5141937E/35.6
10927Ref - 106S E WinboltBranches and bridges of Arun. V : Arun in midstream & the Blackdown branch / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N91937E/35.5
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