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10940The lost waters of the Arun / Sussex County Magazine, 28 N2 p781954E/35.6
10941A nameless river / Sussex County Magazine, 28 N8 p3581954E/35.6
10942From the Wey to the Arun / Sussex County Magazine, 30 N6 p2961956E/35.6
10943From the Wey to the Arun / Sussex County Magazine, 30 N3 p1251956E/35.6
10944By boat through Surrey and Sussex (1867) / Sussex County Magazine, 30 N7 p3241956E/35.6
10945T E EvansMorous the tank engine / West Sussex History, N251988E/35.6
10946Ref - 14663M I PopeMineral transport by the Telpher System : the pioneering work of Prof.H.C.F. Fleeming-Jenkin (the story of the Glynde aerial railway) / Sussex Industrial History, 171987E/35.6
10947Ref - 137A Hadrian AllcroftWaters of Arun. Chapter III : the manor of North Stoke / Sussex County Magazine, IV No.41930E/35.6
10948An Ouse Valley viaduct / Sussex County Magazine, 4 N2 p1731930E/35.6
10949Ref - 138A Hadrian AllcroftWaters of Arun. Chapter VI : The port of Arundel / Sussex County Magazine, IV No.71930E/35.6
10951"The High Stream of Arundel" / Sussex County Magazine, 4 N5 p3911930E/35.6
10952Adur and Arun 100 years ago / Sussex County Magazine, 14 N12 p4341940E/35.6
10954Ref - 3065Paul ClarkThe Chichester and Midhurst railway / West Sussex History, 161980E/35.6
10955J TulletFittleworth station from 1915 / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 38 p221984E/35.6
10956G ParvinSeeing some different scenery / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 45 p81986E/35.6
10957Ref - 7676M MaganThe Hundred of Manhood's tramway / Sussex Life, 6 N3 p751970E/35.6
10958Shoreham and its struggle with Adur / Sussex County Magazine, 13 N3 p1601939E/35.6
10960The proposed new bridge across the Adur / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N1 p331938E/35.8
10961Bridge over the Rother / Sussex County Magazine, 18 N9 p2281944E/35.8
10962Some old river bridges of Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, 22 N9 p3041948E/35.8
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