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10679Ref - 5804R B TibbleJohn Lawrence : the last man to be hanged in Horsham / West Sussex History, 391988E/24
10680A Tartar to handle / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 53 p391988E/24
10681G HothersallThe Gilbert Poor Law Union. Sutton, West Sussex 1791-1827 PtIII / West Sussex History, 31 p191985E/24
10682R TibbleThe Oliver Whitby School Chichester / West Sussex History, 34 p181986E/25.0
10683M WrightA girls school for Cuckfield in the 1850s / West Sussex History, 12 p101979E/25.0
10684A HudsonCompulsory education In Lyminster / West Sussex History, 18 p11981E/25.0
10685Recent educational developments in East Sussex / Sussex County Magazine, 25 N7 p3121951E/25.1
10686Pen-nibs, poetry and pence / Sussex County Magazine, 28 N6 p2681954E/25.1
10687Schools of the past / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N5 p2361955E/25.1
10688R TibbleThe establishment of the Chapel Street Ragged School Mission, Brighton / Sussex History, N29 p171990E/25.1
10689Ref - 333Maude RobinsonSchool life at Lewes in Sussex in the 'seventies / Sussex County Magazine, IX N101935E/25.1
10690S WrightUckfield parochial schools in the mid 19th century / Sussex History, N30 p131990E/25.1
10691Ref - 3434G.M.Early schooldays in Petworth / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 241981E/25.1
10692Ref - 7944R F DrakeThe infant schools of Broadwater parish / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1281990E/25.1
10693Ref - 416J WrightShoreham Grammar School / Sussex Life, 1 N1 p701965E/25.3
10694Ref - 432L A BakerOlders Charity School : 1680-1966 / Sussex Life, 2 N9 p501966E/25.5
10695N CaplanSwan Downers Girls School, Brighton / Sussex Notes and Queries, 17 N4 p1151969E/25.5
10696Ref - 433D SherratChrists Hospital / Sussex Life, 2 N10 p321966E/25.5
10697From the rules of Horsham Girls National School, 1864 / West Sussex History, 18 p101981E/25.5
10698Ref - 436J WrightLancing College / Sussex Life, 3 N1 p1967E/25.6
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