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10715Ref - 9860West Sussex HistoryThe Poor Law in Steyning : talk by Joyce Sleight / West Sussex History, 281984E/27.4
10716Ref - 9864George HothersallThe Gilbert Poor Law Union, Sutton, West Sussex, 1791-1827. Part IV : the paupers and the use of pauper labour / West Sussex History, 321985E/27.4
10717G & M HothersallWestbourne Poor House (1773-1830) / West Sussex History, N44 p131989E/27.4
10718Petworth workhouse / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 26 p51981E/27.8
10719Petworth workhouse - administration 1763 / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 25 p231981E/27.8
10720Ref - 13775J ProtheroeEarly theatre in East Sussex / Sussex Life, 6 N12 p981970E/72.1
10721Sussex fairs / Sussex Notes and Queries, 8 N3 p851940E/72.2
10722J AustinA fete at Ifold Park September 1861 / The Petworth Society Bulletin, N56 p171989E/72.2
10723T P HudsonFindon market and fair in the middle ages / West Sussex History, 9 p61978E/72.2
10724Petworth Fair / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 5 p31975E/72.2
10725J PayneUpperton Fair / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 42 p321985E/72.2
10727Ref - 607J B CaldecottSussex taverns in1636 / Sussex Archaeological Collections, LXXIX1938E/72.3
10728M ChristyAlfriston and its Star Inn / Sussex Notes and Queries, 2 N3 p971928E/72.3
10729E A BillennessGeorge Inn, West Street, Brighton / Sussex Notes and Queries, 17 N4 p1191969E/72.3
10730S MartinA seaside occupation : the dipper / West Sussex History, 31 p91985E/72.4
10731C SaundersTwice is enough! / The Petworth Society Bulletin, N63 p361991E/17.5
10732Bull baiting / Sussex Yesterdays, 2 p561981E/17.5
10733E StrakerWealdon iron / Sussex Notes and Queries, 3 N61931E/30
10734E StrakerWealdon Ironworks In 1574 / Sussex Notes and Queries, 7 N4 p971938E/30
10735E Curwin, E C CurwinProbable flint mines near Tolmere Pond, Findon / Sussex Notes and Queries, 1 N5 p1681927E/30
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