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10340Ref - 7554K P WitneyDevelopment of the Kentish marshes in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest / Archaeologia Cantiana, CVII1989E/15
10341Ref - 518Robert FurleyThe early history of Ashford / Archaeologia Cantiana, XVI1886E/15
10342A J PearmanNotes on Bethersden / Archaeologia Cantiana, 27 p2011905E/15
10343Ref - 7006John WhymanRise and decline : Dover and Deal in the nineteenth century / Archaeologia Cantiana, LXXXIV1969E/15
10344Ref - 7007John WhymanRise and decline : Dover and Deal in the nineteenth century. Part II / Archaeologia Cantiana, LXXXV1970E/15
10346Ref - 7009D B KellyAn early Tudor kiln at Hareplain, Biddenden / Archaeologia Cantiana, LXXXVII1972E/33.7
10347Ref - 3969Tim Tatton-Brown and Nigel Macpherson-GrantRecent fieldwork around Canterbury 4. medieval kilns in the Tyler Hill area / Archaeologia Cantiana, XCIX1983E/33.7
10348Ref - 7005R H HiscockThe road between Dartford, Gravesend and Strood / Archaeologia Cantiana, LXXXIII1968E/35.1
10349Ref - 3968Terence Paul SmithThe geographical pattern of coaching services in Kent in 1836 / Archaeologia Cantiana, XCVIII1982E/35.1
10350Ref - 4912B Keith-LucasKentish turnpikes / Archaeologia Cantiana, C1984E/35.1
10351Ref - 5205F H PantonTurnpike roads in the Canterbury area / Archaeologia Cantiana, CII1985E/35.1
10352M BlatcherChatham Dockyard & a little-known shipwright, Matthew Baker (1530-1613) / Archaeologia Cantiana, 107 p1551989E/35.3
10353P MacDougallGranite & lime : the building of Chatham dockyard's first stone dry dock / Archaeologia Cantiana, 107 p1731989E/35.3
10354W A S RobertsonThe Cinque Port Liberty of Romney / Archaeologia Cantiana, 13 p2611880E/35.4
10355Ref - 3969R F LeGearThree agricultural chalk mines in north-west Kent / Archaeologia Cantiana, XCIX1983E/36
10356Ref - 7008Charles S CattellAn evaluation of the Loseley list of ironworks within the Weald in the year 1588 / Archaeologia Cantiana, LXXXVI1971E/36.1
10357M CulthorpeQueen Elizabeth 1 at Tilbury & in Kent / Archaeologia Cantiana, 104 p831987E/58.1
10359Ref - 6490G H Smith et alA Beaker(?) burial monument and a late bronze age assemblage from East Northdown, Margate / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIV1987E/61.2
10360Ref - 6490Jonathan Rady et alExcavations at St. Martin's Hill, Canterbury, 1984-85 / Archaeologia Cantiana, CIV1987E/61.6
10361F JenkinsThe re-excavation of the Roman 'Villa' at Wingham. Part 1 / Archaeologia Cantiana, 100 p871984E/61.6
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