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1104Ref - 7429W J HornerJoinery / Harmsworth Self-Educator V71907E/01
1105Ref - 7426W HornerCarpentry / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
1107Ref - 7427W J HornerTimber in the shop / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
1108Ref - 7426J G HornerSmiths' work / Harmsworth Self-Educator V41906E/01
1110Ref - 7427W J HornerWood joints & fastenings / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
1111Ref - 7427J G HornerTools of the scraping class / Harmsworth Self-Educator V51906E/01
1112Ref - 5016A L HughesBoot-making and repairing in a Merioneth village / Medel1985E/33.0
1114Ref - 7613A N HumeA group of artifacts recovered from an 18th century well in Williamsburg / Colonial Williamsburg Occasional Papers in Archaeology V1 : Five Artifact Studies1973E/61.8
1115Ref - 2809J R HunterThe medieval glass industry / Medieval Industry1981E/33.8
1116Ref - 3754J R HunterThe medieval glass industry / Medieval Industry1981E/30
1117Ref - 175John ImhofFarming and landholding in the Parish of Fordwich / Fordwich : the lost port1975E/17.0
1118Ref - 7687B Johnson, P GrayMaterials, terms & terminology / Wealden Buildings1990B/01.3
1119Ref - 15Theodore JohnsonWinchelsea and its church / Memorials of old Sussex1909E/15
1120Ref - 15Theodore JohnsonThe Saxon church at Bosham / Memorials of old Sussex1909B/26
1121Ref - 15Philip Mainwaring JohnstonMural paintings in Sussex churches / Memorials of old Sussex1909B/07.4
1123Ref - 2619E M JopeCornish houses, 1400-1700 / Studies in Building History1961B/22
1124Ref - 7187E M JopeThe regional cultures of medieval Britain / Culture & Environment : Essays in Honour of Sir Cyril Fox1963B/22
1125Ref - 15M JourdainRye / Memorials of old Sussex1909E/15
1126Ref - 3808Laurence KeenThe towns of Dorset / Anglo-Saxon Towns in Southern England1984E/15
1127Ref - 7429F W KendleCarving in the flat / Harmsworth Self-Educator V71907E/01
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