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9891Chichester cathedral fights old age / Sussex County Magazine, 24 N2 p661950B/26
9893Chichester cathedral - the bell tower / Sussex County Magazine, 28 N11 p5501954B/26
9894Chichester cathedral spire / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N2 p571955B/26
9895Ref - 1449T D S BayleyChichester City cross : a reconsideration / Sussex Archaeological Collections, XCVII1960B/28
9896Ref - 416T SobeyChichester cathederal / Sussex Life, 1 N1 p201965B/26
9897Ref - 643T D S BayleyGrey Friars' church, Chichester : the problem of the nave / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 1051967B/26
9898W D PeckhamSome notes on Chichester cathedral / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 111 p201973B/26
9899P Mainwaring-JohnstonChithurst church / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 55 p971912B/26
9901W H GodfreyLead fret at Chithurst Abbey / Sussex Notes and Queries, 3 N3 p921930B/26
9902The church, Chithurst / Sussex County Magazine, 28 N7 p3211954B/26
9903G Gilbert ScottSt. Marys church, Clapham / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 26 p2121875B/26
9904Parish church of St Mary The Virgin, Clapham / Sussex Notes and Queries, 14 N15-16 p2771957B/26
9905A M BakerWall paintings in the church of St John The Baptist Clayton / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 108 p581970B/26
9906Clymping church / Sussex County Magazine, 14 N12 p4101940B/26
9907The fortress church of Clymping / Sussex County Magazine, 19 N4 p831945B/26
9908The fortress church of Clymping / Sussex County Magazine, 19 N4 p1151945B/26
9909Clymping church / Sussex County Magazine, 21 N11 p3571947B/26
9910The beautiful Norman arch at Climping church / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N8 p3951955B/26
9914Coombes and its church / Sussex County Magazine, 24 N12 p5521950B/26
9915Ref - 1910W.H.G.Sussex church plans : Parish church of Coombes / Sussex Notes and Queries, XIII : 61951B/26
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