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9871Bramber church / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N8 p3791955B/26
9872F Harrison, O H LeeneyChurch of St Mary Broadwater / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 75 p991933B/26
9873Broadwater church / Sussex County Magazine, 14 N4 p1181940B/26
9874Burpham church / Sussex County Magazine, 17 N8 p2041943B/26
9875Ref - 1887W.D.P.Sussex church plans : St. Mary the Virgin, Burpham / Sussex Notes and Queries, X : 81945B/26
9876Burton church / Sussex County Magazine, 13 N10 p7111939B/26
9877Bury church / Sussex County Magazine, 13 N9 p5941939B/26
9878Bury church / Sussex County Magazine, 24 N7 p2911950B/26
9879Ref - 576E E StreetSt.Martin's church, Chichester / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 501907B/26
9880W V CrakeChichester Grey Friars church, now The Guildhall / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 51 p141908B/26
9881I C HannahBishops Palace, Chichester / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 52 p11909B/26
9882Ref - 581Ian C HannahThe Prebendal School at Chichester / Sussex Archaeological Collections, LIV1911B/25.3
9883I C HannahThe Vicars Close And Adjacent Buildings, Chichester / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 56 p921914B/26
9884I C HannahHouses in The Close at Chichester / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 68 p1927B/26
9885Chichester Cathedral / Sussex County Magazine, 4 N6 p4841930B/26
9886Ref - 596C J P CaveThe roof bosses in Chichester Cathedral / Sussex Archaeological Collections, LXXI1930B/06.8
9887Chichester Cathedral / Sussex County Magazine, 9 N4 p2181935B/26
9888Chichester Cathedral Walk / Sussex County Magazine, 15 N5 p1601941B/26
9889Chichester cathedral / Sussex County Magazine, 16 N1 p11942B/26
9890Chichester cathedral repairs / Sussex County Magazine, 23 N12 p4061949B/26
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