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9973S E WinboltBrass to Dr. W. Cox in Tillington church / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N3 p911932B/26
9974Petworth church - C16 wills / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 12 p101978B/26
9975Petworth Churchwardens Vestry Book 1804-1830, extracts / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 27 p51982B/26
9976T P HudsonBurton church / West Sussex History, 21 p171982B/26
9977Ref - 3072Timothy J McCannHenry Manning and the churches at Burton / West Sussex History, 231982B/26
9978Petworth Rectory / The Petworth Society Bulletin, 33 p141983B/26
9979Ref - 1877W.H.G.Sussex church plans : St. Mary, Pulborough / Sussex Notes and Queries, VII : 71939B/26
9980Pulborough church / Sussex County Magazine, 25 N5 p2071951B/26
9981Ref - 10010W.H.G.Sussex church plans : St Bartholomew, Rogate / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N31932B/26
9983Ref - 1898WDPSussex church plans : S.S. Peter and Paul, Rustington / Sussex Notes and Queries, 12 N31948B/26
9984Rustington church / Sussex County Magazine, 30 N4 1541956B/26
9985Selham church : where two races meet / Sussex County Magazine, 17 N5 p1381943B/26
9986Parish church of St. Peter, Selsey 1864 / Sussex Notes and Queries, 12 N3 p411948B/26
9987W H GodfreySussex church plans (St Giles Shermansbury) / Sussex Notes and Queries, 13 N3 p621950B/26
9988J A ChesterNew light on Wyndham Abbey / Sussex History, 2 N5 p81983B/26
9989Ref - 1850W H GodfreySussex church plans : St. Mary, Shipley / Sussex Notes and Queries, VIII N21940B/26
9990Ref - 10012E F SalmonMural painting in New Shoreham church / Sussex Notes and Queries, III : 21930B/07.4
9991Ruined chapel at Old Erringham / Sussex County Magazine, 8 N11 p7151934B/26
9992New Shoreham church / Sussex County Magazine, 10 N5 p3411936B/26
9993Shoreham church / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N2 p891937B/26
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