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9777W H GodfreySt. John Sub Castro, church and site, Lewes / Sussex Notes and Queries, 9 N2 p251942B/26
9778W H GodfreyThe church of St. Michael, Lewes / Sussex Notes and Queries, 9 N8 p1721943B/26
9779An old town churchyard in Lewes / Sussex County Magazine, 21 N8 p2601947B/26
9781The Norman round tower of St. Michael's Church, Lewes / Sussex County Magazine, 29 N11 p5531955B/26
9782R GilbertEvidence for tower trancepts at the old church of St John Sub Castro Lewes / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 112 p441974B/26
9783W H GodfreySussex church plans : All Saints, Lindfield / Sussex Notes and Queries, 5 N7 p2171935B/26
9784A church at Lindfield in Saxon times / Sussex County Magazine, 26 N8 p3941952B/26
9785W H GodfreyParish church, Litlington / Sussex Notes and Queries, 4 N8 p2361933B/26
9786The church sundial at Litlington / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N8 p5291938B/26
9787Lullington church / Sussex County Magazine, 4 N4 p3181930B/26
9788Lullington church / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N4 p2191938B/26
9789Lullington church / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N7 p489; N8 p551938B/26
9790Lullington church / Sussex County Magazine, 12 N8 p5591938B/26
9791Lullington church, near Alfriston / Sussex County Magazine, 17 N4 p941943B/26
9792Lullington church / Sussex County Magazine, 26 N6 p2951952B/26
9793Ref - 437B N BearSauntering in Sussex / Sussex Life, 3 N2 p341967B/26
9794W H GodfreySussex church plans : St. Dunstan, Mayfield / Sussex Notes and Queries, 6 N6 p1781937B/26
9795W H GodfreySussex church plans : St. Michael,Newhaven / Sussex Notes and Queries, 3 N5 p1561931B/26
9796Newhaven church / Sussex County Magazine, 17 N3 p771943B/26
9797St Mary, Northiam / Sussex Notes and Queries, 2 N5 p1381932B/26
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