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9221Cripplegate & Billingshurst windmills / Sussex County Magazine, 4 N3 p2581930B/24.2
9222Ref - 106Spencer HoffmanThe passing of Birdham mill / Sussex County Magazine, XI : 71937B/24.3
9223Birdham Creek tide mill (in a Countryman's Diary) / Sussex County Magazine, 11 N11 p7241937B/24.2
9224T P HudsonBurton Mill / Sussex Industrial History, 10 p21980B/24.3
9225A MiillsBurton mill / Sussex Industrial History Newsletter, N341982B/24.2
9226Clayton Mills / Sussex County Magazine, 8 N4 p2231934B/24.2
9227Ref - 14655Martin Brunnarius and J S F BlackwellClayton windmills (Jack and Jill) / Sussex Industrial History, 101980B/24.2
9228Horseman's Cottage, Milton Street / Sussex County Magazine, 14 N7 p2451940B/22
9229Ashburnham Place / Sussex County Magazine, 7 N1 p61928B/22
9230Ashburnham Place / Sussex County Magazine, 27 N12 p5661953B/22
9231E AustinOld House at Broad Oak Brede / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 66 p1361925B/22
9232Ref - 5675Viscountess WolseleyHistoric houses of Sussex : Brede Place / Sussex County Magazine, III : 101929B/22
9233A typical Sussex cottage at Brede / Sussex County Magazine, 23 N6 p1831949B/22
9234The cottages by the green from the gate of Brede church / Sussex County Magazine, 26 N10 p4551952B/22
9235Batemans, Burwash / Sussex Notes and Queries, 8 No4 p1281940B/22
9236Ref - 1450David MartinPortland Cottages Burwash / Sussex Archaeological Collections, CX1972B/22
9237D MartinChateaubriand Burwash / Sussex Archaeological Collections, 112 p211974B/22
9238Ref - 106Viscountess WolseleyHistoric houses of Sussex : Stonehill, Chiddingly / Sussex County Magazine, XI : 31937B/22
9239Ockendon House, Cuckfield / Sussex County Magazine, 2 N3 p821928B/22
9240Legh Manor Cuckfield / Sussex Notes and Queries, 2 N7 p2211929B/22
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