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83618357K V BaileyEducation and heritage : a report on the significance and outcome of European Architectural Heritage year in English education1976M/04Bailey
83628356edited by F W CheethamMuseum school services1967M/04Cheeth
83638355H MoffatMuseums and the curriculum1988M/04Moffat
83648417Gerard C J LynchGauged brickwork : a technical handbook1990B/05.3Lynch,
83658416P Walshe, J MillerFrench farmhouses and cottages1992B/01.3Walshe
83668415Tim BuxbaumIcehouses1992B/08.8Buxbau
83678413J ArchibaldKentish architecture as influenced by geology1934B/01.0Archib
83688412Paul B Kebabian and William C LipkeTools and technologies : America's wooden age1979E/33.22Kebabi
83698411Royal Fine Art Commission and Architecture Education TrustConservation today : proceedings of the seminar at the Royal Fine Art Commission on 17th and 18th May19891989B/10.0Royal
83708410Wilson, Tickle and WhiteheadInventory of trade fixtures and effects at the Fox Inn, Charlton, Sussex, from Mr. John K. Kennett to Mr W. Laishly taken November 25th 19031903E/72.3Wilson
83718409Abbot Lowell CummingsArchitecture in early New England1974B/01.2Cummin
83728408P BartisFolklife and fieldwork : a layman's introduction to field techniques1980E/61.0Bartis
83738407L CarrierAgriculture in Virginia 1607 - 16991970E/17.0Carrie
83748406Lord RaglanThe cruck truss / MAN : A Monthly Record of Anthropological Science, LVI & January1956 & 7B/05.61Raglan
83758405J WaltonThe development of the cruck framework / Antiquity, 221948B/05.61Walton
83768404Forestry CommissionSee your forests1970E/18Forest
83798401Russell ChamberlinCarisbrooke Castle1985B/27Chambe
83808400Conibear design associatesChesters heritage : unlocking the secrets of England's walled cityE/63Conibe
83818398R Gilyard-BeerFountains Abbey1989B/26Gilyar
83828399G CoppackMount Grace Priory1991E/64Coppac
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