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8289Ref - 11454Doreen YarwoodLiving in the English home. One : the medieval house / Period Home, 6 : 2 : Feb1985B/02.0
8290D YarwoodThe Georgian home 1715-1830 / Period Home, 6 N10 p111985B/22
8291Ref - 11455Doreen YarwoodLiving in the English home - Two : the medieval house / Period Home, 6 : 31985B/02.0
8294D YarwoodThe Georgian home, 1715-1830, 2 / Period Home, 6 N11 p111985B/02.0
8295Ref - 11456Doreen YarwoodLiving in the English home. Three : the Tudor house / Period Home, 6 N41985B/02.1
8297Ref - 9489James YellingThe combination and rotation of crops in East Worcestershire, 1540-1660 / The Agricultural History Review, 17 Part I1969E/17.37
8298Ref - 6217David YeomansThe quality of London bricks in the early eighteenth century / British Brick Society Information, 421987B/05.3
8304Ref - 9506Michael ZellAccounts of a sheep and corn farm, 1558-60 / The Agricultural History Review, 27 Part II1979E/17.95
8305Ref - 1640Robert de Zouche Hall and N W AlcockA note on the word cruck / Vernacular Architecture, 71976B/00.1
83068307Eleanor GoacherMemories of West Dean in the 1920s1992E/15Sussex
8307Ref - 8240Mark ReesButter pat planes / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 361992E/17.7
8308Ref - 8240J Kenneth MajorThe pattern of trade in a Welsh mill / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 361992B/24.3
8309Ref - 8240Stan BunkerToolmakers marks / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 361992E/17.7
83101047Pro-MotionA travel guide to bygones of British industry, agriculture and crafts1977M/01Pro-Mo
83118268T Small, C WoodbridgeMouldings and turned woodwork of the 16th 17th and 18th centuries1987 : reprinted 1991B/07.8Small,
83128311Crowfoot, E : Pritchard, F : Staniland, KTextiles and clothing 1150 - 14501992E/74Crowfo
83138310Percy MacquoidA history of English furniture : The age of oak : The age of satinwood : The age of mahogany : The age of walnut1988E/33.28Macquo
83148309Stewart Dick and Helen AllinghamThe cottage homes of England1991B/22Dick,
83158308J T SmithEnglish houses 1200 - 1800 : the Hertfordshire evidence1992B/22Smith,
83168312Christopher de HamelMedieval craftsmen : scribes and illuminators1992E/77De Ham
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