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8162Ref - 5654Edith H WethamThe Agriculture Act, 1920 and its repeal - the "Great Betrayal" / The Agricultural History Review, 22 Part I1974E/23
8163Ref - 9505Edith H WethamThe trade in pedigree livestock 1850-1910 / The Agricultural History Review, 27 Part I1979E/17.32
8164Ref - 9483P T WheelerLandownership and the crofting system in Sutherland since 1800 / The Agricultural History Review, XIV Part I1966E/17
8165Ref - 9480E H WhethamLand tenure and the commercialization of agriculture / The Agricultural History Review, XII Part II1964E/17.30
8166Ref - 9487E H WhethamSectoral advance in English agriculture 1850-80 : a summary / The Agricultural History Review, 16 Part I1968E/17.1
8168Ref - 10082Ian WhitakerCore values among the Blasket Islanders / Folk Life, 241985-86E/71.5
8169J Whitaker'Only a Snapshot Away' : professional photography for historic houses / Historic House, 12 N2 p161988B/03.1
8170L Whitaker, J BlackburnHistoric Casterfield / Popular Archaeology, June p111980E/61.0
8171S WhiteGlamis Castle / Period Home, 7 N1 p371986B/27
8172Ref - 5778Andrew WhiteheadWhen craftsmen were tramps / Countryman, 88 : 31983E/66.6
8176Ref - 1023William WhitemanThe hollow ways / Countryman, 81 N11976E/35.1
8177Ref - 901Edward WhitneyMilling memories / Countryman, XLVI : 11952B/24.8
8179Ref - 9486G WhittingtonTowards a terminology for strip lynchets / The Agricultural History Review, XV Part II1967E/17.1
8180Ref - 7072Elisabeth H WhittleThe Renaissance gardens of Raglan Castle / Garden History, 17 N11989B/08.1
8181Ref - 9231Alan WhitworthDovecotes & pigeon-lofts in Calderdale . Yorks / Journal of the British Dovecote Society1988B/23.4
8182Ref - 9505Ian D WhyteWritten leases and their impact on Scottish agriculture in the seventeenth century / The Agricultural History Review, 27 Part I1979E/19.7
8183G WibberlyOld villages but new people / Countryman, 79 N2 p251974E/16.6
8184Ref - 10444John Peter WildWool production in Roman Britain / The Ark, 13 N61986E/33.51
8185P WildDomestic wallpaintings : our disappearing heritage / SPAB News, 5 N2 p231984B/22
8186Ref - 11450Rod WildThe great barn survey / Period Home, 5 N91984B/23.2
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