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8224Ref - 11456E H D WilliamsFitted furniture from the past : settles, storage and spice cupboards / Period Home, 6 N41985B/07.8
8227J WilliamsNorthampton / Current Archaeology, N46 p3401975E/61.8
8228J H Williams, M ShawMiddle Saxon "Palace" at Northampton / Current Archaeology, N85 p381982E/61.7
8229Ref - 9495Michael WilliamsThe enclosure and reclamation of the Mendip Hills, 1770-1870 / The Agricultural History Review, 19 Part I1971E/19.4
8231K WilliamsonFrom cleit to cottage / Countryman, 57 N3 p5051960B/22
8234Ref - 5786Norman T WillsThe waddies' way of life / Countryman, 91 No.31986E/33.5
8236Ref - 10508Catherine WilsonWindmills / Period Home, 7 N51986B/24.2
8237Ref - 10507Catherine WilsonWindmills of Lincolnshire. Part One / Period Homes, 7 April1986B/24.2
8238Ref - 9476David M WilsonAnglo-Saxon rural economy : a survey of the archaeological evidence and a suggestion / The Agricultural History Review, X Part II1962E/66.0
8239Ref - 5221David M Wilson and D Gillian HurstMedieval Britain in 1968 / Medieval Archaeology, XIII1969E/65.4
8240Ref - 5449Ellen WilsonA Georgian revival / York Georgian Society Annual Report1974B/10.0
8241J WilsonThe battling billhook / Countryman, 87 N3 p1511982E/17.7
8242J WilsonThe old garden gate / Countryman, 87 N4 p821982/83E/08.3
8243Ref - 10445P N Wilson and A B LawrenceThe future of minority breeds / The Ark, XIII No71986E/17.36
8245Ref - 9514Hilary P M WinchesterAgricultural change and population movements in France 1892-1929 / The Agricultural History Review, 34 Part I1986E/17.1
8247Ref - 933Reece WinstoneBarwick's follies / Countryman, 57 N31960B/08.5
8248D WiseThe texture of towns / York Georgian Society Annual Report, p151981B/02.5
8249Ref - 7555K P WitneyThe woodland economy of Kent, 1066-1348 / The Agricultural History Review, 38 Part I1990E/19.4
8250R WittkowerLord Burlington and the York Assembly Rooms / York Georgian Society Annual Report, p451951B/25.1
8251A WolffIn retrospect the completion of Cologne Cathedral in the nineteenth century / Monumentum, 26 N1 p231983B/26
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