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8193D WildmanHall houses / Period Home, 5 N10 p41984B/22
8194Ref - 11454Diana WildmanCottage charm / Period Home, 6 : 2 : Feb1985B/22
8195D WildmanGrand mansions / Period Home, 6 N3 p41985B/22
8196M WildmanThatched property / Period Home, 5 N5 p141984B/22
8197R WilesDecently clad / Traditional Homes, Jun p1571989B/10.2
8198Ref - 6762Richard WilesRenovation case history No.54 : Wolfe's retreat / Traditional Homes, March1989B/10.0
8199Ref - 6989Richard WilesLiving in harmony / Traditional Homes, 5 No.10 : July1989B/22
8200R WilesPractical panelling / Traditional Homes, Mar p1101989B/07.6
8201R WilesPlaster patchwork / Traditional Homes, Apr p1511989B/06.1
8202R WilesFit for a fire / Traditional Homes, Jan p1101989B/06.2
8203R WilesPicket lines / Traditional Homes, Jun p1001990E/33.94
8204Ref - 7256Richard WilesThe old and the new : a Devonshire longhouse / Traditional Homes, February1990B/22
8205R WilesGetting the hang of It / Traditional Homes, Aug p791990B/08.3
8206R WilesSlate surgery / Traditional Homes, Apr p1171990B/10.4
8212Ref - 5820Eurwyn WiliamA Welsh cruck barn and the study of vernacular architecture in Britain / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 321988B/23.2
8213Ref - 5662A R WilkesAdjustments in arable farming after the Napoleonic wars / The Agricultural History Review, 28 Part II1980E/17.1
8214Ref - 5781Dorothy WillPatterns of pargeting / Countryman, 89 N31984B/07.3
8217A R Williams"The Manchester Man" / Local Historian, 9 N2 p751970E/82
8221E H D WilliamsCruck-roofed buildings in Somerset / Period Home, 5 N11 p491984B/05.2
8222E H D WilliamsThe "Smoky Bacon" Story : curing chambers and corn kilns in south west England / Period Home, 5 N2 p781984B/22
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