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8021M ThorntonStepping back / Traditional Homes, Jun p1231990B/06.5
8022M ThorntonThe mix for bricks / Traditional Homes, Dec p971990B/10.6
8023M ThorntonBricky solutions / Traditional Homes, Oct p1041990B/10.3
8024M ThorntonWoodwork examination / Traditional Homes, Mar p891990B/06.5
8025Ref - 7256Michael ThorntonJoint account : the changing fortunes of the joiner's trade / Traditional Homes, February1990B/05.2
8026Ref - 7461Michael ThorntonDoor matters : glazing in front doors, and common historical alterations to internal doors / Traditional Homes, 6 No.8 May1990B/06.3
8027M ThorntonFlight problems / Traditional Homes, Jul p871990B/06.5
8028M ThorntonDoor keeping / Traditional Homes, Apr p1071990B/06.3
8029M ThorntonChimney chronology / Traditional Homes, Oct p831991B/06.2
8030M ThorntonThe iron age / Traditional Homes, Sep p991991B/10.9
8031M ThorntonThe well-fitted window / Traditional Homes, Jun p931991B/06.3
8032M ThorntonVirtue & ventilation / Traditional Homes, May p861991B/06.3
8033M ThorntonThe iron age / Traditional Homes, Aug p751991B/04.9
8034M ThorntonSmoke signals / Traditional Homes, Nov p551991B/06.2
8035M ThorntonGloss & glass / Traditional Homes, Jul p811991B/06.3
8036Ref - 6989Michael ThorntonThe complete rundown 1989B/07.7
8037Ref - 9513W ThwaitesDearth and the marketing of agricultural produce : Oxfordshire c.1750-1800 / The Agricultural History Review, 33 Part II1985E/66.0
8038Ref - 6449Willow TickellCottage charisma : Willow Tickell visits Blaise Hamlet, near Bristol to see the cottage designs of John Nash / Period Homes, July1988B/22
8039G TimminsTowards procedures for recording threatened housing / Local Historian, 15 N1 p61982B/03.1
8040A TinniswoodThe Priory at Lavenham / Period Home, 4 N3 p111983B/22
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