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7824Ref - 7749Andrew SimRenovation case history no.78 : little wonder 1991B/22
7825P SimonsRepairs to floor structures and plasterwork / SPAB News, 1 N4 p621980B/10.2
7826Ref - 9468Alan SimpsonThe East Anglian foldcourse : some queries / The Agricultural History Review, VI Part II1958E/15
7827D A SimpsonSearching Patents for Historical Information / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, N17 p81987E/63
7828V SinclairAntique pastimes / Period Home, 5 N11 p201984B/07.8
7829Ref - 5651V H T SkippEconomic and social change in the Forest of Arden, 1530-1649 / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Supplement1970E/66.5
7831Ref - 9455H Gordon SladeThe shortlived settlement on Samson, Isles of Scilly / Vernacular Architecture, N151984B/22
7832D SlarkLonghorns / The Ark, 5 N11 p3821978E/17.32
7833A W SlaterThe vinegar brewing industry / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p2921970E/30
7834I SmalleyThe nature of brickearth and the location of early brick building in Britain / British Brick Society Information, N41 p41987B/04.3
7835Ref - 187Alan SmithThe Herculaneum china and earthenware manufactury, 1796-1840 / Industrial Archaeology, 6 : 11969E/30
7836Ref - 850Alan SmithThe folklore of industry : a neglected area of research / Local Historian, 11 : 21974E/17.6
7837A SmithTools & trades in 18th century Scottish Highlands / Tools & Trades, 2 p731984E/33.0
7839G SmithInland navigation in Yorkshire / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p161982B/25.1
7842J SmithBrainchild from a decade of idealism / SPAB News, 11 N1 p121990B/09
7843J A SmithEt in arcadia ego / Traditional Homes, Jan p1251988B/10.0
7844J A SmithHouse keepers / Traditional Homes, Jun p161989B/21.0
7845Ref - 7256Julia Abel SmithDoctor Holder's casebook : Victorian society buildings / Traditional Homes, February1990B/09
7846Ref - 7461Julia Abel SmithHistory for hire : buildings converted for holiday letting by the Landmark Trust / Traditional Homes, 6 No.8 May1990B/09
7847J C D SmithWest country bench ends / Countryman, 57 N1 p1081960E/62.9
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