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7914G StellScottish Division / Traditional Homes, Jan p161990B/22
7915G StellCrofts to castles / Traditional Homes, Mar p141990B/22
7916Ref - 7256Geoffrey StellHeart of stone : vernacular architecture in Scotland's central lowlands / Traditional Homes, February1990B/01.3
7918M StephensonThe role of poultry husbandry in the medieval agrarian economy, 1200-1450 / The Ark, 14 N11 p3781987E/17.35
7919H SternBricks without straw / British Brick Society Information, N31 p71983B/05.3
7920C StevensAn Edwardian kitchen garden at St. Fagans Castle / Garden History, 13 N1 p601985B/08.1
7921Ref - 9471Robert B K StevensonNotes on early agriculture in Scotland / The Agricultural History Review, VIII Part I1960E/17.1
7923M SykesGritstone House of Rainow / Period Home, 7 N2 p371986B/22
7924Ref - 9467Dorothy SylvesterThe common fields of the coastlands of Gwent / The Agricricultural History Review, VI Part I1958E/17.1
7925Ref - 3488Michael SymesCharles Hamilton's plantings at Painshill / Garden History, 11 No.21983B/08.2
7926M SymesPreparation of a landscape garden : Charles Hamilton's sowing of grass at Painshill / Garden History, 13 N1 p41985B/08.2
7927R TaborEnglish bill-hook patterns / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, N11 p41985E/33.1
7930Ref - 5709R C C TaborGate-hurdle making / TATHS Journal, 31985E/33.11
7931R C C TaborThe craft of riving wood / Tools & Trades, 5 p231988E/33.10
7932Ref - 9500S J TannCo-operative corn milling : self help during the grain crisis of the Napoleonic wars / The Agricultural History Review, 28 p451980E/17.37
7933Ref - 923Heather TannerSmocks and smocking / Countryman, XLVIII No.11953E/33.52
7934M TapleyThe calf muzzle / The Basketmakers' Assn Newsletter, N51 p81989E/33.4
7935Ref - 1016W R TaplinThatcher at work / Countryman, 79 : 21974B/05.62
7936D TappRenovation case history No.77 : purified brimstone / Traditional Homes, Mar p211991B/22
7937J TarnArchaeology & the factory / Local Historian, 9 N4 p1831970E/30
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