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7784Ref - 9485D J SiddleThe rural economy of medieval Holderness / The Agricultural History Review, XV Part I1967E/61.8
7785Ref - 15578Nigel Silcox-CroweCobble cottages / Traditional Homes, October : 3 : 11986B/04.4
7786Ref - 15601Andrew SimSalamanders in the downhearth : the strange world of the old kitchen utensil / Traditional Homes, January : 3 : 41987E/72.5
7787Ref - 15598Andrew SimConservation in London II : a tale of two nations : No.58 Grafton Way - a neglected Georgian terraced house - was returned to its 1805 condition, when\\ / Traditional Homes, October : 4 : 11987B/10.0
7788A SimAnother turn of the wheel / Traditional Homes, Sep p261988B/09
7789A SimHome on the rails / Traditional Homes, May p341988B/09
7790A SimA pictured preserved / Traditional Homes, Dec p241988B/22
7791A SimRenovation case history No.41 : a five year apprenticeship / Traditional Homes, Feb p281988B/22
7792A SimThe Barn revisited / Traditional Homes, Oct p301988B/09
7793A SimThe right lines / Traditional Homes, Apr p381988B/09
7794A SimRenovation case history No.60 : Gothic revival / Traditional Homes, Sept p241989B/10.0
7795A SimRenovation case history No56 : Terpersie triumphant / Traditional Homes, May p241989B/22
7796Ref - 7552Andrew SimA sense of history : the careful restoration of an Elizabethan house in Cheshire / Traditional Homes, 6 : 2 : Nov1989B/22
7797A SimThe Old Lintmill of Boyne / Traditional Homes, Jan p241989B/21.4
7798Ref - 7109Andrew SimGas lamps & gargoyles / Traditional Homes, October1989B/06.9
7799A SimRenovation case history No.57 : new life at New Hall / Traditional Homes, Jun p241989B/22
7800A SimRenovation case history No.61 : renewing the Old Town / Traditional Homes, Oct p241989B/22
7801A SimRenovation case history No.55 : pilgrims' progress / Traditional Homes, Apr p241989B/10.0
7802Ref - 6989Andrew SimA sermon in stone : the sensitive adaptation of a Georgian mill house to form a comfortable family home and working rectory / Traditional Homes, 5 No.10 : July1989B/09
7803A SimTrue colours / Traditional Homes, Jan p161989B/07.4
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