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76968420A Bagenal, M BagenalMedieval people : music from the past1988E/72.1Bagena
7697Ref - 9479M L RyderThe history of sheep breeds in Britain / The Agricultural History Review, XII Part I1964E/17.33
7699Ref - 7812M L RyderRare breeds and the fleece evolution of British sheep / The Ark, 5 N41978E/17.33
7703Ref - 9509M L RyderMedieval sheep and wool types / The Agricultural History Review, 32 Part I1984E/17.33
7704Ref - 7880P F RyderOxspring Lodge : reconstructing a Yorkshire hunting lodge / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 191985B/10
7705G RyleThe future of the New Forest / Countryman, 76 N3 p581971E/18
7707Ref - 7507Andrew SaintThe future of conservation areas / Context, 241989E/16.6
7710G SaleChanges in the Lake District / Countryman, 79 N1 p971974E/15
7712Ref - 7956John SambrookTransom traceries / Old-House Journal, April/May1991B/06.3
7716K SaneckiThe gardener's tools / Period Home, 5 N4 p441984E/17.7
7717Ref - 11457Kay N SaneckiSitting in the garden / Period Home, 6 N51985B/08.5
7718Ref - 2163A D Saunders et alLydford Castle, Devon / Medieval Archaeology, 241980B/27
7719A SaundersThe State Archaeology Service / Current Archaeology, N42 p2041974B/10
7720J SaundersSuffolk windmill / Countryman, 57 N1 p1351960B/24.2
7724Ref - 8372Matthew SaundersNonconformist chapels : the conservation challenge / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 351991B/26
7725Ref - 7072Robert J G SavageNatural history of the Goldney Garden grotto, Clifton, Bristol / Garden History, 17 N11989B/08.5
7727M SayerLincoln : the cliff-top cathedral city / Period Home, 3 N6 p201983B/10
7728M SayerShrewsbury : Conservation Conscious / Period Home, 3 N5 p281983E/15
7729Ref - 10496Michael SayerConserving the great medieval towns of England. Part IV : King's Lynn / Period Home, 4 No.21983E/16.6
7730Ref - 4551Holger SchmidtThe Trelleborg house reconsidered / Medieval Archaeology, XVII1973B/21
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