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7716K SaneckiThe gardener's tools / Period Home, 5 N4 p441984E/17.7
7717Ref - 11457Kay N SaneckiSitting in the garden / Period Home, 6 N51985B/08.5
7718Ref - 2163A D Saunders et alLydford Castle, Devon / Medieval Archaeology, 241980B/27
7719A SaundersThe State Archaeology Service / Current Archaeology, N42 p2041974B/10
7720J SaundersSuffolk windmill / Countryman, 57 N1 p1351960B/24.2
7724Ref - 8372Matthew SaundersNonconformist chapels : the conservation challenge / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 351991B/26
7725Ref - 7072Robert J G SavageNatural history of the Goldney Garden grotto, Clifton, Bristol / Garden History, 17 N11989B/08.5
7727M SayerLincoln : the cliff-top cathedral city / Period Home, 3 N6 p201983B/10
7728M SayerShrewsbury : Conservation Conscious / Period Home, 3 N5 p281983E/15
7729Ref - 10496Michael SayerConserving the great medieval towns of England. Part IV : King's Lynn / Period Home, 4 No.21983E/16.6
7730Ref - 4551Holger SchmidtThe Trelleborg house reconsidered / Medieval Archaeology, XVII1973B/21
7731J SchofieldLondon : Seal House / Current Archaeology, N49 p541975E/61.8
7733J SchofieldPlaster mastery / Traditional Homes, Feb p201988B/10.6
7734Ref - 7597Jane SchofieldReal plasterwork / SPAB News, 11 No31990B/10.6
7735J SchofieldA roof repair / SPAB News, 11 N1 p161990B/05.61
7736Ref - 4552D J SchoveDendrochronological dating of oak from Old Windsor, Berkshire, c. A.D. 650-906 / Medieval Archaeology, 181974B/03.31
7738D H ScottThe Courthouse, Widdington, Essex / Historic Buildings in Essex, N1 p61984B/25.1
7742R & P ScratonOne house and its history : Spen Hall / Period Home, 3 N3 p261983B/22
7743Ref - 1028Stuart SeagerNew hope for an old canal / Countryman, 82 : 21977E/35.2
7744S SeagerIron bridge 200 years old, Shropshire / Countryman, 84 N3 p1031979E/35.5
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