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7531Ref - 8038Richard PorterOn the water front : the birth of the bathroom / Old-House Journal, 4 : October1991B/07.7
7532Ref - 7992Richard PorterThatching : the peak of tradition / Old-House Journal, 3 : August/September1991B/05.62
7533Ref - 1018Stephen PorterFrom farm cart to wagon / Countryman, 79 : 4 : Winter1974/5E/33.25
7534Ref - 9476M R PostgateThe field systems of Breckland / The Agricultural History Review, X Part II1962E/19.1
7535D PostlesThe perception of profit before the leasing of demesnes / The Agricultural History Review, 34 p121986E/19.2
7536Ref - 7220David PostlesCleaning the medieval arable / The Agricultural History Review, 37 Part II1989E/17.1
7537T Potter, R P J JacksonThe Roman site at Stonea, Cambridgeshire / Popular Archaeology, March p61983E/61.6
7538Ref - 11453Audrey PowellGhosts / Period Home, 5 No.121984E/71.6
7539A PowellLordships of the Manor / Period Home, 5 N5 p241984E/19.2
7541Ref - 9412Ken PowellThe church and conservation / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 301986B/26
7542Ref - 6491Patricia G PreeceWoodmen of the Oxfordshire Chilterns, 1300-1800 / Folk Life, 261988E/33.10
7543Ref - 7555Jules N PrettySustainable agriculture in the middle ages : the English manor / The Agricultural History Review, 38 Part I1990E/17.1
7544Ref - 9354C A Price and K D RossThe cleaning and treatment of limestone by the 'lime method'. Part II : a technical appraisal of stone conservation techniques at Wells Cathedral / Monumentum, 27 : 4 December1984B/10.4
7545Ref - 793Hugh C PrinceParkland in the English landscape / Amateur Historian, 3 N81958B/08.2
7546Ref - 9469H C PrinceThe tithe surveys of the mid-nineteenth century / The Agricricultural History Review, VII Part I1959E/66.5
7547W ProbyHHA tax report / Historic House, 12 N1 p121988B/01.6
7548Ref - 10507Anthony QuineyThe Georgian terrace. Part I / Period Home, 7 April1986B/29
7550Ref - 9474Jeffrey RadleyHolly as a winter feed / The Agricultural History Review, IX Part II1961E/17.37
7552A RaistrickCraven in West Yorkshire / Countryman, 66 N2 p2431966E/15
7553C A Ralegh-RadfordThe Saxon House; a review and some parallels / Medieval Archaeology, 1 p271957E/61.7
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