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7509H PhelpsRed polls forever! / Countryman, 93 N2 p221988E/17.32
7510Ref - 3488John PhibbsAn approach to the methodology of recording historic landscapes / Garden History, 11 No.21983E/63
7511C W PhillipsGuide to Ordnance Survey maps as historical sources / Amateur Historian, 5 N6 p1661963E/14
7512P Phillips et alTamworth : suitable for backyard systems / The Ark, 7 N7 p2421980E/17.34
7513B PhilpDover / Current Archaeology, N25 p521971E/61.6
7514B PhilpThe Dover Roman painted house / Current Archaeology, N57 p3041977E/61.6
7515A J PiersseneRooms at the inn / Period Home, 5 N7 p221984B/22
7516Ref - 12893Patrick Mansfield and Hunter M PilkingtonTimber handling / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 171987E/18
7517Ref - 1028John PillHand tools on the farm / Countryman, 82 N21977E/17.7
7518Ref - 15600Rosalind PillingWooden floors in evolution : during the eighteenth century construction methods underwent radical change / Traditional Homes, February : 3 : 51987B/06.6
7519P PittSecrets of success : coade stone / Traditional Homes, Oct p1151988B/05.4
7520Ref - 9291Judyth PlattSussex windmills / Countryman, 84 : 11979B/24.2
7521P PleaseWalking the Ridgeway Path / Countryman, 79 N4 p1131974/5E/11
7523N PlumleyChichester / Period Home, 4 N3 p281983E/15
7524Ref - 9481D C D PocockSome former hop-growing centres / The Agricultural History Review, XIII Part I1965E/17.45
7525Ref - 9488Ernest A PocockThe first fields in an Oxfordshire parish / The Agricultural History Review, 16 Part II1968E/19.6
7527Ref - 2614Don PorterWhat price conservation? / SPAB News, 3 : 11982B/10
7528J PorterEncroachment as an element in the rural landscape / Local Historian, 11 N3 p1411974E/16.4
7529Ref - 9515J H PorterTenant right : Devonshire and the 1880 Ground Game Act / The Agricultural History Review, 34 Part II1986E/24
7530Ref - 7992Richard PorterMoisture matters / Old-House Journal, 3 : August/September1991B/10.9
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