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7383A MutchMechanization of the harvest in southwest Lancs 1850-1914 / The Agricultural History Review, 29 p1251981E/36.8
7385Ref - 9507Alistair MutchFarmers' organizations and agricultural depression in Lancashire, 1890-1900 / The Agricultural History Review, 31 Part I1983E/66.6
7386N MuttonEardington Forges and Canal Tunnel / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p541970E/30
7387D MyklebustThe restoration of Akershus Castle, Oslo / Monumentum, 25 N4 p2751982B/10
7388C MynorsConservation in the courts / Context, N26 p241990B/01.6
7392Ref - 9512Alan NashThe size of open field strips : a reinterpretation / The Agricultural History Review, 33 Part I1985E/16.4
7398E C NelsonJoseph Spence's plan for an Irish garden / Garden History, 15 N1 p121987B/08.2
7400J NewsonThe gentle way with Brighton's rot / SPAB News, 5 N4 p641984B/25.1
7401Ref - 10248Jo NewsonThe rescue of a ruin 1984B/22
7402J NewsonWhen in Bath, do as the Romans did / SPAB News, 6 N4 p101985B/25.1
7403Ref - 6474Jo NewsonFinding good homes : if you're looking for a building to repair 1985B/10
7404Ref - 10250Jo NewsonGranting dereliction / SPAB News, 6 : 1 : Jan1985B/23
7405J NewsonFurnishing up front / Traditional Homes, Feb p301986B/06.3
7407M NichollsDown among the withies / Countryman, 87 N1 p741982E/33.4
7408H NicholsMaps in the history of local communications / Local Historian, N28 p71990E/14
7409H NicholsMaps & plans for local history / Local Historian, N25 p61990E/14
7410H NicholsMaps & plans for rural & village history / Local Historian, N27 p221990E/14
7411H NicholsMaps & plans for the history of towns / Local Historian, N26 p121990E/14
7412H NicholsAspects of local history in specialist maps / Local Historian, N291991E/14
7413H NicholsTracing map resources for local history / Local Historian, N30 p81991E/14
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