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7461M PatersonA room with a view / Period Home, 5 N10 p551984B/27
7462Ref - 850Jean L PatourelMedieval Moated Sites Research Group / Local Historian, 11 : 21974E/61.8
7464Ref - 9497John PattenVillage and town : an occupational study / The Agricultural History Review, 20 : Part I1972E/66.0
7465Ref - 10281Ian PattisonFarm buildings of the North York Moors / Historic Farm Buildings Group Newsletter, 101990B/23
7466Ref - 9471H Cecil PawsonPlan of an agricultural society and experimental farm in Northumberland / The Agricultural History Review, VIII Part I1960E/17.30
7467Ref - 9466F G PayneThe British plough : some stages in its development / The Agricultural History Review, V Part II1957E/17.7
7468Ref - 10245David PeaceTraditional clear glass in churches, or, 'Keep the Crown' / SPAB News, 4 : 31983B/07.2
7470Ref - 15578Christopher PearceFaked facades : used to give brickwork the appearance of stone, is stucco inventive icing on the cake or the depths of deceit? / Traditional Homes, October : 3 : 11986B/10.6
7471D PearceSPAB : The Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings / Period Home, 3 N4 p361983B/10
7472M PearceThe Local Authority and conservation / Period Home, 4 N3 p31983B/10
7473O PearceyGrants for old buildings / Historic House, 12 N4 p141988B/10
7474Ref - 896M L PearlWilliam Cobbett at Botley / Countryman, 43 N21951E/51
7476A PearsonCharity at home. Pt 1 / Traditional Homes, Feb p161989B/25.1
7477Ref - 6762Anthony PearsonCharity at home : survey of British almshouses. Part 2 / Traditional Homes, March1989B/25.3
7478Ref - 15589Ray PearsonHeavy metal : the construction, repair and maintenance of lead roofs / Traditional Homes, December : 4 : 31987B/05.62
7479R PearsonPaintstrip postscript / Traditional Homes, Oct p1231988B/10.1
7480Ref - 15605Ray PearsonDecorative leadwork 1988B/07.7
7481R PearsonWhich wood? / Traditional Homes, Apr p911988B/05.2
7483S PedersenRoofed with stone / Countryman, 88 N2 p1291983B/05.62
7484Ref - 2529J H B PeelCottages / Period Home, 3 : 21982B/22
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