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7169W LawsPorches & portals / Traditional Homes, Sep p161988B/06.3
7170W LawsLandscape with cottages / Traditional Homes, Jun p331989B/01.3
7171Ref - 7552Bill LawsLakeland poetry : vernacular architecture of Cumbria / Traditional Homes, 6 : 2 : Nov1989B/01.3
7172W LawsThe heart of the country / Traditional Homes, Apr p331989B/04.0
7173Ref - 6989Bill LawsWestward Ho! Vernacular buildings with a Devon and Cornwall accent / Traditional Homes, 5 No.10 : July1989B/01.3
7174W LawsVive la difference / Traditional Homes, Jul p151990B/01.3
7175Ref - 7461Bill LawsVernacular architecture : industrial legacy : the traditional stonework of the South Pennines / Traditional Homes, 6 No.8 May1990B/01.3
7176W LawsGreen lines / Traditional Homes, Dec p771990B/08.3
7177A LawsonRepairs to Exeter's guildhall / SPAB News, 11 N4 p121990B/10.0
7180Ref - 1156H E Jean Le PatourelDocumentary evidence and the medieval pottery industry / Medieval Archaeology, XII1968E/33.7
7181P LewisSingular storeys / Traditional Homes, Aug p131991B/22
7182P LewisCoats of many colours / Traditional Homes, Jun p631991B/07.4
7183Ref - 7749Philippa LewisPatterns on the window 1991B/06.3
7184P LewisFrame differences / Traditional Homes, Jul p121991B/05.2
7185J C Lewis PartonBuilding materials and glebe terriers / Amateur Historian, 8 N2 p471968B/04.0
7189Ref - 5660J M LindsayForestry and agriculture in the Scottish Highlands 1700-1850 : a problem of estate management / The Agricultural History Review, 25 Part I1977E/18
7191Ref - 5712W LinnardSooty bands from tents of turf : woodcolliers and charcoal-burning in Wales / Folk Life, 25 p471987E/33.18
7193J E LittleGlossary of agricultural terms. Part 2 / Amateur Historian, 4 N5 p1951959E/17.1
7194P LivelyThe language of landscape / Countryman, 89 N1 p441984E/15
7196T LongSprawling down the corridors of growth / Countryman, 88 N3 p271983E/16.5
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