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7596359C A Ralegh RadfordTretower : the castle and the court / Brycheiniog, VI1960B/27Radfor
7604629C A R RadfordPre-conquest minster churches : Roydon / The Archaeological Journal1975B/26Radfor
7616001Lord RaglanThe cruck truss / Man, 561956B/05.2Raglan
76212060D Ramseyer, D VonlanthanenArchaeology and waterlogged wood / Museum, N153B/10.2Ramsey
7637789Sandra RaphaelJohn Evelyn's 'Elysium Britannicum' / Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society, 102 Pt21977E/17.46Raphae
7653661A ReedSome problems in the repair & conservation of historic buildings / Newbury District Field Club Trans, 10 N31955/6B/10.0Reed,
7665171D M Rees79 not out / Crafts, N57 Jul/Aug 19821982E/33.19Rees,
76712071Stephen RickardsOurs to resin why / The Valuer, 60 N81991B/10.8Rickar
76812079Isabel RichardsonRevealing the roots in Devon / The National Trust Magazine, Autumn1986B/22South
7696134T H RickmanA hall house at Shepshed, Leicestershire / Transactions of the Leicestershire Archaeol.ical and Historical Society, XLVII1971-2B/22East M
77012072B RidoutA revolutionary palace : its authentic restoration / Architects Journal, 11 Nov 19871987B/10.0Ridout
7714617S E RigoldThe Roman Haven of Dover / The Archaeological Journal, 1261970E/61.6Rigold
7724622S E RigoldThe distribution of early Romanesque towers to minor churches / The Archaeological Journal1979B/26Rigold
7734657S E RigoldSome major Kentish timber barns / Archaeologia Cantiana, LXXXI1966B/23.2Rigold
7743660S E RigoldThe timber-framed buildings of Steventon (Berks) and their regional significance / Newbury District Field Club Transactions, 10 N41958B/01.3Rigold
77512297C J RobbCoffin wood / The Gliksten Journal, 6 N71960E/33.2Robb,
7766140D L RobertsRecording vernacular building in a wide field / Bulletin of Local Hist : East Midlands Region, 81973B/03.1Robert
7773664E A RobertsTwo old cottages at Boxford / Newbury District Field Club Transactions, 6 N41933B/22Home C
7786286Philip RobinsonA water-mill built in 1615 by The Drapers' Company at Moneymore, County Londonderry / Ulster Folklife, 281982B/24.3Irelan
7796401P RobinsonFurther cruck houses in South Antrim : problems of culture-historical interpretation / Journal of Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 1121982B/22Robins
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