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7129Ref - 9492John KewThe disposal of Crown Lands and the Devon Land Market 1536-58 / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Part II1960E/66.0
7130Ref - 6482Shawn KholucyWorking on the lump : house construction in clay / Traditional Homes, August : 2 : 111986B/05.5
7131S KholucyBetjeman Memorial Award Winner : St. Anne's, Limehouse / SPAB News, 11 N3 p71990B/10.4
7132Ref - 13780Kenneth KilbyPrehistoric flint tools / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 51984E/61.1
7135R KingJoseph Caxton and the Crystal Palace / Industrial Archaeology, 6 p1241969E/30
7137M KirkStation Royal / Period Home, 6 N9 p441985E/35.6
7138M KirkMedieval mystery / Period Home, 6 N12 p191985B/22
7139M KirkLavenham Priory / Period Home, 7 N2 p151986B/10
7140M KirkCley Old Hall / Period Home, 7 N3 p151986B/22
7141B KirkhamMedieval carvings with nose and mouth bands / Local Historian, N16 p101988B/07.1
7143C J KnightWriting a town guide / Local Historian, N24 p131989E/63
7144Ref - 894Lionel KnightHammoon restores its church / Countryman, XLII : 21950B/26
7145R KnightTwo early English screw-stem ploughs / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, N1 p391983E/17.8
7146Ref - 13780Richard KnightReeding planes / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 51984E/33.27
7148R KnightBuilding on tradition / Traditional Homes, Sep p791991B/22
7150P KorvenmaaThe Finnish wooden house transformed : American prefabrication, war-time housing & Alvar Aalto / Construction History, 6 p471990B/05.2
7151Ref - 15611Bengt Kylsberg17th century saws at Skoklosters Castle, Sweden / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 311990B/05.8
7152A LaceTrees of plenty / Traditional Homes, Jun p531991B/08.1
7154O LancasterThe future of the past / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p181969B/10
7156H LanderKeeping a record / Traditional Homes, Mar p821987B/10.0
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