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6935A LestonThe running battle / Traditional Homes, Sep p571988B/09
6936A LestonStarting a fight / Traditional Homes, Jan p691988B/09
6937S LevrantThe Montagu Report ten years on / Context, N26 p61990B/01.6
6938Ref - 9507Colin A LewisIrish horse breeding and the Irish draught horse 1917-1978 / The Agricultural History Review, 31 Part I1983E/17.38
6941Ref - 7885Elizabeth Lewis and William BoormanFittings from an eighteenth-century pharmacy in Winchester / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 241990E/37
6944P LewisSigned & dated / Traditional Homes, Jun p151990B/03.0
6945P LewisPatterns on the window / Traditional Homes, Mar p791991B/06.3
6946A H RobinsonDecorative sculpture / Local Historian, 10 N6 p3011973B/08.6
6947D RobinsonParsons dovecote / Countryman, 57 N1 p1651960B/23
6948M RobinsonThe extent of farm under drainage in England and Wales pre 1939 / The Agricultural History Review, 34 p791986E/17.3
6949Ref - 9491Olive RobinsonThe London companies and tenant right in nineteenth century Ireland / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Part I1970E/66.6
6951T W E RocheCastle-hunting in southern England. Part 1 / Amateur Historian, 4 N2 p221958/59B/27
6952T W E RocheCastle-hunting in southern England. Part 2 / Amateur Historian, 4 N3 p951959B/27
6953Ref - 9489David RodenDemesne farming in the Chiltern Hills / The Agricultural History Review, 17 Part I1969E/19.2
6954W RodwellHadstock / Current Archaeology, N47 p3751975B/26
6955W RodwellWells the cathedral city / Current Archaeology, N73 p381980E/61.7
6956Ref - 5612Hermione HobhouseNinety years of the survey of London / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society New Series, 311987B/01.0
6957Ref - 15600Hermione HobhouseLondon terraces : rapid population growth in the last century resulted in some compact planning 1987B/29
6958Ref - 793R T Hodges-PaulPleasure gardens of the nineteenth century / Amateur Historian, 3 N81958B/08.2
6960Ref - 6708M Patricia HoganClays, 'culturae', and the cultivator's wisdom : management efficiency at fourteenth-century Wistow / The Agricultural History Review, 36 Part II1988E/17.1
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