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7051A JenkinsonFrom the Ground Up / Traditional Homes, Apr p161988B/22
7052Ref - 13888Geoff JenkinsonThe first screw / Tool and Trades History Societ Newsletter, 131986E/30
7053N JenningsHouse coats / Traditional Homes, Aug p331989B/01.3
7054Ref - 896Ronald JessupTreasure hid in a field / Countryman, 43 N21951E/61.0
7055B Jewell, E StevensonSetting a date / Traditional Homes, Jan p731989B/07.8
7056A JobsonCottage staircases / Countryman, 49 N2 p2521954B/06.5
7058Ref - 5651Eric JohnThe social and political problems of the early English church / The Agricultural History Review, 18 Supplement1970E/92.0
7062Ref - 9478S A JohnsonEnclosure and changing agricultural landscapes in Lindsey / The Agricultural History Review, XI Part II1963E/15
7063G JohnstonBrigstock Little Park brick kiln / British Brick Society Information, N29 p81983B/05.3
7066Ref - 5661Andrew JonesHarvest customs and labourers' perquisites in Southern England, 1150-1350 : the hay harvest / The Agricultural History Review, 25 Part II1977E/17.37
7068Ref - 9505Andrew JonesLand measurement in England, 1150-1350 / The Agricultural History Review, 27 Part I1979E/19.0
7069Ref - 9507A W JonesGlamorgan custom and tenant right / The Agricultural History Review, 31 Part I1983E/19.6
7071Ref - 5787David W JonesThe Dufton rake-makers / Countryman, 92 N21987E/33.13
7072Ref - 9471E L JonesEighteenth-century changes in Hampshire chalkland farming / The Agricultural History Review, VIII Part I1960E/17.33
7073Ref - 9476E L JonesThe changing basis of English agricultural prosperity, 1853-73 / The Agricultural History Review, X Part II1962E/66.0
7074Ref - 5653E L JonesThe bird pests of British agriculture in recent centuries / The Agricultural History Review, 20 Part II1972E/17.6
7076Ref - 9472G R J JonesThe pattern of settlement on the Welsh border / The Agricultural History Review, VIII Part II1960E/15
7077J JonesBrickmaking in Asia / British Brick Society Information, N29 p41983B/05.3
7078Ref - 10445John L JonesA sporting sow called Slut / The Ark, XIII No71986E/17.34
7079Ref - 7851John L JonesThe art of the crookmaker / The Ark, 13 No91986E/17.33
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