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6865Ref - 6304Lucy RichmondBreaking the code / SPAB News, 9 N21988B/10.6
6866H HaywardThe development of the Rococo taste in English interiors and furnishings / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p101973B/07.0
6867M HeadleyChairbuilding / Historic Trades, 1 p11988B/07.8
6868P HeathRenovation case history No.76 : Old Hollow Cottage / Traditional Homes, Feb p171991B/22
6871Ref - 5653J A HellenAgricultural innovation and detectable landscape margins : the case of wheelhouses in Northumberland / The Agricultural History Review, 20 Part II1972B/23
6872Ref - 9516Rachel Hellier and Barbara HuttonA model farm at Scarthingwell near York in1793 and in 1986 / The Agricultural History Review, 35 Part I1987E/17.30
6875A HerbertRoofs of clay / Traditional Homes, Feb p101988B/05.62
6876T HerbertHall of fame / Traditional Homes, Mar p271991B/22
6877S Heriz-SmithThe Vietch Nurseries of Killerton and Exeter c.1780-1863 -2 / Garden History, 16 N2 p1611988E/17.4
6878Ref - 2194Cecil A HewettTimber-building in Essex : some evidence for the possible origins of the lap-dovetail / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 91961B/05.2
6879C A HewettSongers, Cage Lane, Boxted, Essex / Medieval Archaeology, 17 p1311973B/22
6880Ref - 4551Cecil A HewettA medieval timber kitchen at Little Braxted, Essex / Medieval Archaeology, XVII1973B/22
6890Ref - 9499Geoffrey HewlettReconstructing a historical landscape from field and documentary evidence : Otford in Kent / The Agricultural History Review, 21 Part II1973E/15
6898Ref - 9490David G HeyA dual economy in South Yorkshire / The Agricultural History Review, 17 Part II1969E/24
6899Ref - 9348Jacques HeymanTechniques and materials : chronic defects in masonry vaults : Sabouret's cracks / Monumentum, 26 : 2 : June1983B/10.4
6901Ref - 5221David HillThe Burghal Hidage : the establishment of a text / Medieval Archaeology, XIII1969E/81
6902Ref - 11462Keith HillGlass tells. Part one / Period Homes, 6 N101985B/07.2
6903Ref - 11463Keith & Judy HillGlass tells / Period Homes, 6 : November1985B/07.2
6904R HillActon Scott Working Farm Museum / The Ark, 11 N12 p3951984E/17.30
6905R HillAdvice to the Victorian flockmaster / The Ark, 18 N3 p811991E/17.1
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