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6643Ref - 9507J R FisherLandowners and English tenant right, 1845-52 / The Agricultural History Review, 31 Part I1983E/19.7
6645R FitzgeraldThe Liverpool Road complex / Popular Archaeology, June p211980E/35.6
6646Ref - 9495Andrew FlemingBronze age agriculture on the marginal lands of north Yorkshire / The Agricultural History Review, 19 Part I1971E/61.4
6648A FlemingThe Dartmoor Reave project / Current Archaeology, N67 p2341979E/61.4
6649Ref - 15598Geoffrey FletcherConservation in London I : Southwark revival / Traditional Homes, October : 4 : 11987B/10.0
6653J Fletcher, R SwitzurNorth Elham; the dating / Current Archaeology, N36 p251973B/03.30
6656Ref - 5221J M Fletcher and C A HewettMedieval timberwork at Bisham Abbey / Medieval Archaeology, XIII1969B/05.2
6657Ref - 9473T W FletcherLancashire livestock farming during the Great Depression / The Agricultural History Review, IX Part I1961E/66.0
6659W ForemanOxfordshire mills / The Agricultural History Review, 32 p1111984B/24.2
6660G Forsythe-LawsonWoolen Hale / Countryman, 50 N2 p3301954B/22
6664J GeddesThe blacksmith's life, wife & work 1250-1450 / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, N1 p151983E/33.32
6667Ref - 10496W H GelderLawrence Campe's almshouses / Period Home, 4 No.21983B/25.3
6668Ref - 10445W GeldofThe origin of the Lakenvelder pattern in cattle / The Ark, XIII No71986E/17.36
6669M GellingRecent work on English place names / Local Historian, 11 N1 p31974E/15
6670P S GellingA metalworking site at Kiondroghad, Kirk Andreas, Isle of Man / Medieval Archaeology, 13 p671969E/36.0
6671Ref - 9495Ian GentlesThe management of the Crown Lands, 1649-60 / The Agricultural History Review, 19 Part I1971E/65.4
6673A D GeorgeThe industrial archaeology of West Cumberland / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p1441970E/30
6674M GeorgeSmuggling houses of West Cornwall / Period Home, 7 N1 p211986E/66.9
6675Ref - 1018Donald GibsonFloors, flues and firedogs / Countryman, 79 N41974/75B/07.8
6676J GibsonTalking property in Essex / Period Home, 7 N2 p71986B/22
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