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6749H SChatham Dockyard / Heritage Outlook, 2 N4 p1001982B/21.8
6751D B HagueThe house yonder : a 14th century cruck-built hall / Countryman, 61 N1 p861963B/25.1
6752Ref - 903Frank HaleyFaith fortified / Countryman, XLVII : 1 : Spring1953B/26
6754G H HallBold building / Countryman, 80 N3 p331975B/21.0
6755Ref - 7256Ivan HallBalcony scenes / Traditional Homes, February1990B/07.9
6758S HallRunning wild. Part 1 / The Ark, 16 N1 p121989E/17.32
6759Ref - 7107Stephen HallThe Southdown sheep : development and conservation / The Ark, XVI N61989E/17.33
6760S HallThe long, slow centuries : or were they? / The Ark, 17 N1 p171990E/17.1
6761S J G HallFeral cattle on Swona / The Ark, 13 N7 p2451986E/17.36
6763Ref - 9510H E HallamThe climate of eastern England 1250 : 1350 / The Agricultural History Review, 32 Part II1984E/17.1
6764C HallasThe social and economic impact of a rural railway : the Wensleydale line / The Agricultural History Review, 34 p291986E/15
6767J B HamleyEnclosures and tithe maps / Amateur Historian, 7 N8 p2651967E/19.6
6768M HammondBrick-moulding and animal footprints / British Brick Society Information, N38 p171986B/05.3
6769Ref - 6217Martin HammondBeech Hurst, Poole / British Brick Society Information, 421987B/05.3
6770Ref - 6217Martin HammondBaumber brick kiln, Lincolnshire / British Brick Society Information, 421987B/05.3
6771M HammondRailway bricks / British Brick Society Information, N44 p81988B/05.3
6772M HammondMore about kilns / British Brick Society Information, N44 p131988B/05.3
6773M HammondBricks with sunken margins / British Brick Society Information, N52 p51991B/05.3
6774M D P HammondPitsham brickworks visit / British Brick Society Information Compilation, 1 p441979B/05.3
6775M D P HammondScotch kilns / British Brick Society Information Compilation, 1 p681980B/05.3
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