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6604J FidlerSmoke signals / Traditional Homes, Jun p1431989B/10.8
6605Ref - 6989John FidlerFlue cure 1989B/10.8
6607J FidlerPrecious stones / Traditional Homes, Jan p991989B/05.4
6609J FidlerAny objections? / Traditional Homes, Aug p1051990B/01.6
6610J FidlerThe age of consent / Traditional Homes, Jul p1031990B/01.6
6611J FidlerColour & cover / Traditional Homes, Jul p911991B/10.1
6612J FidlerLifting the layers / Traditional Homes, Aug p831991B/10.2
6613J FidlerPlaster imperfect / Traditional Homes, Jan p911991B/10.6
6614J FidlerBattling the beetles / Traditional Homes, Feb p1061991B/10.8
6615J FidlerLifting the layers / Traditional Homes, Sep p921991B/10.1
6616J FidlerHolding on to our heritage / English Heritage Mag., N14 p101991B/10
6617J FidlerLooking after the past / Traditional Homes, Mar p971991B/10
6619J FidlerCustodial sentences / Traditional Homes, May p941991B/10.0
6620Ref - 13785Michael FieldA puzzle in timber construction / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 101985B/05.2
6623R FilmerThe craftsman : hand-moulded bricks / Period Home, 1 N5 p321981B/05.3
6625Ref - 10497Richard FilmerKentish ragstone : the quarriers and the masons / Period Home, 4 N3 p161983B/05.4
6628R FilmerThe craftsman's tools : the adze / Period Home, 5 N11 p321984B/05.8
6629R FilmerThe beauty of Lakeland slate / Period Home, 5 N2 p301984B/05.4
6630Ref - 11454Richard FilmerPargetting : patterns in plaster / Period Home, 6 : 2 : Feb1985B/07.3
6631Ref - 11455Richard FilmerThe cooper's craft / Period Home, 6 : 31985E/33.21
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