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6431F S I CurtisThe planting-up of woodland areas / Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society, 6 N2 p2761895E/18
6432Ref - 15582G CurtisSanitation saga / Traditional Homes, 1 : 7 : April1985B/07.7
6438M DalrympleMahogany / Period Home, 3 N6 p171983B/07.8
6439C DaltonThe vanishing bell frame / SPAB News, 10 N4 p131989B/26
6440Ref - 931John DaltonPainters and place. 3 : John Constable (1776-1837) / Countryman, 57 No.11960E/76
6441H & M DanceManor Farm, Pulham Market, Norfolk / SPAB News, 2 N3 p451981B/23
6442P DaniellBricks and canals / British Brick Society Information, N30 p71983B/05.3
6443R DanielsHartlepool / Current Archaeology, N104 p2731987B/26
6444Ref - 9460H C DarbySome early ideas on the agricultural regions of England / The Agricultural History Review, II1954E/17.0
6447J DaveyBarns into houses / Traditional Homes, Feb p541986B/23.9
6449Ref - 9469Thomas DavidsonPlough rituals in England and Scotland / The Agricultural History Review, VII Part I1959E/71.4
6451Ref - 9499C S L DaviesPeasant revolt in France and England : a comparison / The Agricultural History Review, 21 Part II1973E/66.0
6456P DaviesNew life down on the farm / Period Home, 3 N6 p61983B/23.9
6457Ref - 15975Roger DaviesAn instrument maker's anvil / Tool and Trades History Society Newsletter, 41984E/33.27
6458Ref - 9499Wendy DaviesUnciae : land measurement in the Liber Landavensis / The Agricultural History Review, 21 Part II1973E/64
6459Ref - 18760Robert DawnThe Bass Museum of Brewing / Industrial Archaeology, 12 N21977E/30
6461J DayAre you a stripper? / The Basketmakers' Assn Newsletter, N49 p91989E/33.4
6462J De HavilandCrowborough brickworks / Great Bush Telegraph, N41982B/05.3
6463Ref - 1017Barbara de SeysselThe art of scything / Countryman, 79 N31974E/17.7
6464J DealCob & earth walls / Historic House, 12 N1 p201988B/05.5
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