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6301P Cleveland-PeckTower power / Traditional Homes, Nov p131991B/21.0
6302J M CliftonListing history / Traditional Homes, Oct p701991B/01.6
6303J M CliftonListed buildings / Traditional Homes, Nov p1251991B/01.6
6304A Clifton-TaylorHouses of English stone / Period Home, 3 N3 p201983B/05.4
6305Ref - 5658Juliet Clutton-BrockGeorge Garrard's livestock models / The Agricultural History Review, 24 Part I1976E/17.36
6306Ref - 7880J G CoadHurst Castle : the evolution of a Tudor fortress 1790-1945 / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 191985B/27
6311Ref - 10281David CollierHistoric farm buildings : asset or liability / Historic Farm Buildings Group Newsletter, 101990B/23
6313Ref - 9486E J T Collins and E L JonesSectoral advance in English agriculture, 1850-80 / The Agricultural History Review, XV Part II1967E/17.1
6322S Colman"Treasure Chest" : two fifteenth century carpenters make their wills / Period Home, 3 N3 p281983B/05.2
6323S Colman"For Sale" or "To Be Lett" / Period Home, 5 N6 p421984B/02.0
6325Ref - 5935Christina Colyer and Brian GilmourSt. Paul-in-the-Bail Lincoln / Current Archaeology, 631978B/26
6326Ref - 5654R J ColyerSome Welsh breeds of cattle in the nineteenth century / The Agricultural History Review, 22 Part I1974E/17.32
6328M ConnettAn artistic restoration / Traditional Homes, Dec p291990B/22
6329M ConnettA well-loved place / Traditional Homes, Jan p351991B/22
6330M ConnettA poet's retreat / Traditional Homes, Feb p351991B/22
6331I Constantinides, R YoungFirst hand experience with lime plastering / Period Home, 5 N10 p341984B/05.7
6332Ref - 1030Anne ConwayWelsh slate / Countryman, 82 : 41977/8B/05.4
6334A J CookseyThe Wren and Hopkinson horizontal cross compound engine c1870 / Industrial Archaeology, 7 p1651970E/30
6335Ref - 188A J A CookseyJennings South Western Pottery Parkstone : a preliminary survey report / Industrial Archaeology, 6 : 21969E/30
6336J CookseyFirebrick in the Black Country / British Brick Society Information Compilation, 1 p781981B/05.3
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