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5946Ref - 9468Shimon ApplebaumAgriculture in Roman Britain / The Agricultural History Review, VI Part II1958E/61.6
5947Ref - 9477S ApplebaumThe pattern of settlement in Roman Britain / The Agricultural History Review, XI Part I1963E/65.2
5949P Armitage et alBugs, bones & botany / Popular Archaeology, March p251983E/07.0
5950P L ArmitageA preliminary description of British cattle from the late 12th to the early 16th century / The Ark, 7 N12 p4051980E/17.32
5951W J ArmourPractical plane making / TATHS Newsletter, N111985E/33.27
5953Ref - 526J R ArmstrongThe Open Air Museum : idea and reality / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 201973M/01.1
5957Ref - 9501W A ArmstrongInfluence of demographic factors on the position of the agricultural labourer England and Wales 1750-1914 / The Agricultural History Review, 29 Part II1981E/64
5960Ref - 2785H Godwin Arnold17-19 London Street, Reading / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society, 261982B/22
5961Ref - 968James ArnoldPlace the waggon / Countryman, LXXII : 21969E/33.25
5962J ArnoldReviving an historic village / Heritage Outlook, 1 N3 p621981B/09.
5964E ArterPlanting for posterity / Traditional Homes, Oct p991988B/08.1
5965Ref - 15582I AshbySubtle disguise / Traditional Homes, 1 : 7 : April1985B/07.5
5966Ref - 904M K AshbyIntimate agriculture / Countryman, XLVII N21953E/17.0
5967M K AshbyCottage history / Local Historian, 10 N7 p3271974E/66.0
5970Ref - 6482Traditional HomesHeart to hearth : reinstating suitable fireplaces in a Victorian London terrace house / Traditional Homes, August : 2 : 111986B/07.8
5971O AshmoreInventories as a source of local history. Part 1 : houses / Amateur Historian, 4 N4 p1571959E/55.2
5972O AshmoreFarming inventories as a source of local history. Part 2 / Amateur Historian, 4 N5 p1861959E/17.1
5973P AshtonImpact / Traditional Homes, Jan p1101990B/09
5974D AshurstAn 18th century ice house at Wentworth Castle, Stainborough, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 18 p3041984B/08.8
5975D AshurstExcavations at the 17th-18th century glasshouse at Bolsterstone & the 18th century Bolsterstone pothouse / Post-Medieval Archaeology, 21 p1471987E/33.8
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