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6059M Beswick, E W O'SheaVisit to Laybrook Brickworks / British Brick Society Information, N26 p91982B/05.3
6060W R & M BeswickClosure of Crowborough Brickworks / British Brick Society Information Compilation, 1 p721981B/05.3
6061Ref - 5660J H BetteyThe development of water meadows in Dorset during the seventeenth century / The Agricultural History Review, 25 Part I1977E/16.4
6063Ref - 11461Richard BickFirebacks / Period Homes, 6 N91985B/07.8
6064M BiddleExcavation of a motte and bailey castle, Therfield, Herts / Journal of British Archaeology Association, 27 p531964E/61.8
6065Ref - 1156M Biddle et alThe early history of Abingdon, Berkshire, and its abbey / Medieval Archaeology, XII1968E/15
6066F BiddulphHeat of the moment / Traditional Interior Decoration, Sept p181989E/33.8
6067Ref - 9513J BielemanRural change in the Dutch province of Drenthe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries / The Agricultural History Review, 33 Part II1985E/16.4
6068Ref - 832P G BigmoreRound-towered churches in Suffolk / Local Historian, 8 : 81969B/26
6069R BillcliffeAll his own work : the architecture of Charles Rennie Mackintosh / Traditional Homes, May p851989B/01.2
6070R BirleyVindolanda / Current Archaeology, N23 p3291970E/61.6
6071Ref - 9490Jean BirrellPeasant craftsmen in the medieval forest / The Agricultural History Review, 17 Part II1969E/17.1
6072Ref - 5778Valerie BisslandLittle houses of Fife / Countryman, 88 N31983B/22
6073Ref - 5654Claus BjornThe study of agrarian history of Denmark : a brief introduction to the literature / The Agricultural History Review, 22 Part I1974E/64
6074D BlackThomas Wolstenholme and his house in Gilygate / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p371969B/22
6075D BlackThe rebuilding of Ouse Bridge / York Georgian Soc. Annual Report, p181976B/25.1
6077Ref - 5656Janet BlackmanThe cattle trade and agrarian change on the eve of the railway age / The Agricultural History Review, 23 Part I1975E/16.4
6081J BlakerCharacter & comfort / Traditional Homes, Mar p431989B/10.0
6082Ref - 5653Ian BlanchardThe miner and the agricultural community in late medieval England / The Agricultural History Review, 20 Part II1972E/30
6084Ref - 5654Ian BlanchardRejoinder : Stannator Fabulosus / The Agricultural History Review, 22 Part I1974E/17.3
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