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54424461D Wilkinson, N SquireWater engineer's handbook 19631963WCPWilkin
54435760Pauline WilkinsonRedundant farm buildings : alternative uses in the remoter rural areas of England and Wales1987B/23.9Wilkin
54442942P M WilkinsonGenealogists guide to the West Sussex Record Office1979E/64Wilkin
54451551W WilkinsonA Sussex peep-show1933E/15Sussex
5446125W WilkinsonA Sussex peep-show1933E/56Sussex
54477390Graham Weaver et alScience for conservators book 1 : an introduction to materials1982B/10.8Weaver
54487392Charles Newey et alScience for conservators book 3 : adhesives and coatings1983B/10.8Newey,
5451Ref - 915Alex WatkinsonCorn mill : Rolvenden, Kent / The Countryman, LIII : 31956B/24.2
5452Ref - 789The Amateur HistorianScience in the service of archaeology / Amateur Historian, 3 N41957E/61.8
5453Ref - 918Reece WinstoneManor Farm, Frampton-on-Severn, built about 1400 / The Countryman, LIV N21957B/22
5457Ref - 922ICI"The Gylde hall or moote Hall" / The Countryman, 55 : 21958B/25
5458Ref - 930Leonard and Marjorie GaytonPackhorse bridge at Fifehead Neville / The Countryman, 56 : 41959E/35.5
5459Ref - 928Leonard and Marjorie Gayton'The Tower', a medieval fortified rectory at Elsdon, Northumberland / The Countryman, 56 : 21959B/26
5460Ref - 10445Marca Burns and Richard J P AllenThe Thornhill white Hebridean flock / The Ark, XIII No.71986E/17.33
5461Ref - 15599Neil BurtonDown below : the history of domestic drains / Traditional Homes, April 3 : 71987B/07.7
5463Ref - 932Peter BurtonLandmarks of the hills / Countryman, 57 : 21960E/15
5464Ref - 8011Alex BuryWyre Forest oak whiskets / Basketmakers' Association News, N581991E/33.4
5467Ref - 2356L A S ButlerPlas-uchaf in Cymmer : a historical note / Transactions of the Ancient Monuments Society New Series, 121964B/22
5468Ref - 9480R A ButlinNorthumberland field systems / The Agricultural History Review, XII Part II1964E/17.30
5469Ref - 9490R A ButlinRecent developments in studies of terminologies of agrarian landscapes / The Agricultural History Review, 17 Part II1969E/17.1
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