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52102098Colin UlphSouthdown walks1981E/15Sussex
52125690Roy UnderhillThe woodwright's workbook : further explorations in traditional woodcraft1986E/33.20Underh
52134535edited by N UngureanuStudii si cercetari de etnografie si arta populara (2 vols)1981B/01.3Ungure
52144534edited by N UngureanuStudii si cercetari de etnografie si arta populara (2 vols)1981B/01.3Ungure
52151119United Kingdom Secretariat/Civic TrustA report on craft skills in the building industry1976B/05.0United
52161097United Kingdom SecretariatFinal report to the United Kingdom Council : European Architectural Heritage Year1976B/10.0United
52193149R J UnsteadTravel by road through the ages1958E/35.1Unstea
52203140R J UnsteadKings, barons & serfs : a pictorial history 1086-13001971E/65.4Unstea
52233137R J UnsteadStruggle for power : a pictorial history 1485-16891972E/65.5Unstea
52243139R J UnsteadYears of the sword : a pictorial history 1300-14851972E/65.4Unstea
52253141R J UnsteadEmerging Empire : a pictorial history 1689-17631972E/65.6Unstea
52263142R J UnsteadAge of machines : a pictorial history 1815-19011974E/65.6Unstea
52273136R J UnsteadIncredible century : a pictorial history 1901-19701974E/65.7Unstea
52287374N E UphamAnchors1983E/35.3Upham,
52294210Urquhart's LtdThe Urquhart book of oil burningWCPUrquha
52308242A C B UrwinThe houses and gardens of Twickenham Park1984E/15Middle
52312271F VacherDefects in plumbing & drainage work1889WCPVacher
52328Edmund ValeAncient England : a review of monuments in public care and ownership1941B/20Vale,
52333887Aymer VallanceA brief account of Stoneacre, Otham and its restoration1928B/22Kent/S
52345425G Van Der Chijs et alHolland?E/15Overse
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