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48154268ShanksSanitary appliances1951WCPShanks
48162736T SharpExeter Phoenix : a plan for rebuilding1946E/16.7Sharp,
48176576Thomas SharpThe anatomy of the village1946E/16.6Sharp,
48182711Thomas SharpA plan for Todmorden1946E/16.7Sharp,
48191079Thomas SharpThe anatomy of the village1946B/29Sharp,
48203920Thomas SharpGeorgian City : a plan for the preservation and improvement of Chichester1949E/16.6Sharp,
48212719T Sharp, F Gibberd, W G HolfordDesign in town and village1953B/01.4Sharp,
48224548A K Shaw and K W HamlinNutley windmill restoration1974B/24.9Nutley
48233094John SheailHistorical ecology : the documentary evidence1980E/07.6Sheail
48244748Sheffield Town Planning CommitteeSheffield re-planned1945E/16.7Sheffi
48251503O W Shelgren, C Lattin, R W FraschCobblestone landmarks of New York State1978B/05.4Shelgr
48263688Compliled by Jean ShelleyCharlwood : a look into the past1973E/15Surrey
48282101edited by S J Shennan and R T Schadla HallThe archaeology of Hampshire1981E/61.0Shenna
48293535Sherborne PCCShort guide to the Abbey church of S.Mary the Virgin, Sherborne1935B/26Sherbo
483139B C G ShoreStones of Britain1957B/04.4Shore,
48323124edited by Brian ShortThe String Town : Hailsham 1870-19141980E/15Sussex
48344917edited by Brian ShortScarpfoot parish : Plumpton 1830-18801981E/15Sussex
48353189Alfred H ShorterWater paper mills in England1966B/24.72Shorte
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