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48983223Oxford PolytechnicErnest George Trobridge 1884-1942 : architect extraordinary1982B/01.2Oxford
48991222Henry J Smith and Aubrey CharmanSouthwater 1837-19771977E/15Sussex
49003180J Smith, K C NewtonEssex & the sea1959E/35.3Smith,
49028269The Landmark TrustThe Landmark handbook1977B/10.0Landma
49031072The Landmark TrustThe Landmark Trust1973B/10.0Landma
49041158edited by M J SwantonStudies in medieval domestic architecture1975B/05.0Swanto
49054996L SmithInvestigating old buildings1985B/03.0Smith,
49068231N SmithGas manufacture and utilization1945E/32.1Smith,
49075203Peter SmithHouses of the Welsh countryside : a study in historical geography1975B/22Wales/
49082137Peter SmithWaterways heritage1972E/35.2Smith,
49097264P L SmithCanal barges & narrowboats1975E/35.3Smith,
49101225Peter L SmithCanal barges and narrowboats1975E/35.3Smith,
49117388Peter L SmithCanal architecture1986B/28Smith,
49127497Rebecca J SmithA directory of specialist crafts for architects and builders1990B/00.3Smith,
49135074Terence Paul SmithBrick-tiles (mathematical tiles) in the Faversham area1984B/05.3Smith,
49146721Terence Paul SmithThe medieval brickmaking industry in England 1400-14501985B/05.3Smith,
49163133V SmithSussex churches : the Sharpe Collection of watercolours & drawings 1797-18091979B/26Smith,
49185136Smiths GoreReview 1985-861986E/22.1Smiths
49198283Smiths GoreSmiths Gore chartered surveyors : review 19911991E/16Smiths
49203675Edward Snew and and Henfrey SmailGlimpses of old Worthing : the Worthing pageant1945E/15Sussex
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